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Teddy Bears have been around for over the 100 Years, but it will not prevent designers and inventors out of coming up with wacky new ways of using, changing, or (sometimes ) destroying them!From the revolutionary to the kitsch, the World of Teddy Bears is full of inventive new ideas, which range from the beautifully touching, into the utterly weird!

The Teddy Bear Gun

Surprisingly, that isn’t a joke! This Instead of throwing confetti at the wedding couple, the Japanese go one step further and throw Teddy Bears!Naturally, someone somewhere in Japan Realised that tradition might be made a good deal easier if they had a gun to’throw’ the Teddy Bears for them, therefore generated the Rosen Teddy Gun.

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This contraption– made by Japanese Paintball gun manufacturers, Sunamiya– utilises the science supporting their paintball guns to push the Teddy Bear through a translucent barrel, high into the air with an easy’click’ of this activate.

Luckily, no Teddy Bears are hurt By means of such a contraption as each bear is fitted with their own mini parachute, so they float safely and back down to Earth to need the bride and dress nicely in their own journey.

USB Teddy Bear

That is appropriate, a data-storing Teddy Bear! At A first glance this is simply a normal, cute Teddy Bear, but once you pull its head off (Yes, you’re required to decapitate this poor Teddy Bear!) , it unexpectedly becomes a USB memory stick, with all the mind acting as the cap.

Once plugged in, It Seems like that the Teddy Bear has been squeezed into your computer! Bad thing. Maybe somebody had a Score to settle? We’re not too Certain if, or perhaps if these Teddy Bears will Return to the market. Therefore if you don’t feel like waiting to find out, it can’t Be that difficult to pull out one your much loved ones.

Dewey Parker