Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #48

And all the sudden Nightwing is in Ireland on a crazy race for some reason!

I'll be honest, I've either been without internet or busy for the past couple days so I didn't have much time, if any, to get to this. BASICALLY Wrym and the Dark Web wanted Nightwing to do a favor for them to win the safety of his friends, he has to win some race on an Irish island against a bunch of villains. The winner gets access to this techno-mysic thing that grants desires, and Nightwing has to hack it for Wrym.

Catch is, the race is against bad guys, like I said before. Pyg, Flamingo, and for unknown reasons, Silencer, who is trying to kill Nightwing before he wins. The issue ends with her giving chase in a freaky dimension.

This issue was fun but boy did it feel like it came out of nowhere. Just a very abrupt shift in tone and style, may be off putting to some, if I had to guess. First time reading anything illustrated by Nahuelpan, thought the issue looked pretty good.

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