Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #54

It's almost as if Tom King feels guilty for what he's about to do to Nightwing, so he has to be all heartwarming first.

The quickest possible rundown of this issue is it's one of those ones that jumps back and forth between past and present, with the past somewhat reflecting or contrasting the current events in the present, which are Nightwing teaming up with Batman on some Z-list villains, to try and cheer him up, despite Batman saying he's fine. Dick knows better and wouldn't you know it, the issue peaks at Bruce having a sort of breakdown, and Dick letting him know if he ever doesn't want to be fine, it's okay.

This was a nice touching little issue, but that said, it's been FOREVER since this book was about anything but the wedding and since that's past, it's taken two months to really get back to Batmaning, which I'm ready for next issue... but then again, next issue is the brain damage issue soooooooo maybe I don't need it too quickly.


  1. It was a fun issue, for the most part. I guess the New 52 continuity bit of Dick starting as Robin when he was already a teen is out. Also, I didn't know Condiment King was a killer villain.

    It's weird, though, how King sometimes writes Bruce as some emotional cripple who can barely express himself.

  2. I've been missing the Dastardly Dan Didio twitter feed since I saw the first rumor about Dick

  3. I guess Crazy Quilt got Rebirth-d back to life after dying in Snyder’s run. Once upon a time his thing was that he had more of a mad-on for Robin (Grayson) than Batman.

    Loved the meta line of “I’m totally taking this seriously.” Because, I mean, clearly....