Wednesday, August 29, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing Annual #1

Nightwing literally fighting Fake News... if Fake News was a creepy monster lady with some messed up teeth and a swarm of flies all around her.

It's an annual, so here's the key points of the longer story:

Babs extracts that spider thing from Dick once and for all, keeps it for testing, but doesn't even tell him where it is for safety. Dick starts helping Vicki Vale at the Gazette about some system hacking, turns out those Dark Web shape shifters infiltrated the building and have been broadcasting and printing bullshit to wind people up. Fake News McReporter Lady shows up on a hijacked signal and starts broadcasting awful horrible shit to everyone. Dick chases down another shifter, Babs hits it with a big semi, the new mobile base she got for Dick. When all is said and done and Dick confronts shape shifter fake news lady, he broadcasts her true form, does a little fighting, but then finds out the same that fell on Willem has befallen Vicki, who is trapped in the dark web with Mr. Cyborg (not that one) too. Soooooo, Wrym, who shows up at this point, I think... he's bigger? He has a proposition for Nightwing to do a little job for them, unless he wants all his loved ones to end up like Vicki and Willem.

YO, OTTO SCHMIDT DRAWS A GOOD NIGHTWING. I wish he drew more post-Green Arrow, but you know stuff... Anywhoooooo, I just wanted to get that out of the way up front, because the art is very eye pleasing, that's for sure. 

For the story, Ben Percy definitely has carved out his nitch, because like Green Arrow, this is a very sort of now story line, with fantastical details made from elements ripped from the headlines. Why is fake news lady grotesque and disgusting? I don't know, it's probably a metaphor, but it all works and as someone who reads comics to be entertained, I'm thoroughly entertained.

I am also growing warmer to the Dick and Babs interaction in here. I'm usually on team over it when it comes to these two, but they're written well enough and play off each other well, so it just works... but I mean, after Batman #50... attempting any serious romance in a hero book ha ha ha... fuck off. But maybe that's just me! ...and a bunch of other people who are probably WAY more bitter than I. 

OH! Also, there's a panel of Nightwing holding a bottle of booze and punching a nun in the face. I'll leave the context out of that one and just let that simmer... cus it gooooooood.

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