Wednesday, August 1, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #47

This is one of those issues where it says exactly what I was thinking and I can't help but think "good for you book, good for you."

Hey, guess what, all that techno stuff from Mr. Cybereye? Dick and Barbara win. Surprise! When they find Willem, he reveals that Wyrm is the real threat here, he hacks minds and wanted to use him to get to Nightwing, who is in the middle of a web that connects all the heroes, we get some tragic origins, Babara checks her phone and Wyrm sucks Willem into cyberspace, and some narration promises Gotham is next.

So reading this, I was thinking "Boy this seems rushed to make Mr. Cyborg guy the antagonist, I barely know who he is" and sure enough, the book says that exactly, pointing out he's just a pawn, or at least that's what it seems, and sure enough, it is. We find out Wyrm is sort of the... overarching bad that won't be dealt with for a while, and we're unsure of the reach or plans it has, sort of like the 9th Circle in Percy's Green Arrow run. In fact... with that, the city storyline and the prominent placement of the female love interest who can hold her own, this really is shaping up to be similar to the Green Arrow run in more ways than one, but at the end of the day it's still good... so I'll let it slip.

Ultimately, I enjoyed this opening arc. Percy's been a big redemption story with Rebirth and me. Hated what I read of him in the New 52, yet I thought his Teen Titans run was fine, really enjoyed his Green Arrow and so far I'm really enjoying this run, and the art team of Mooneyham and Janson are bringing a unique look in today's landscape which I'm also digging. So far, so good.

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