Wednesday, August 22, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #987

The formation of this version of the Outsiders w as real bizarre, that's for sure.

So the braniac files! Big secret! Except not. Remember how in No Justice Waller hacked Braniac's mind and got info? Yeah that's it... That's all, nothing really to it. Katana found info on Karma's mask in there, linking it to Markovia's black market. Karma creates a situation, they all go to deal with it, the would-be Outsiders vs a hostage situation and Batman vs Karma, which is one on one because Batman needs to prove that he's still go it to himself, for some reason. Batman beasts Karma by flooding his mind with all the horrific shit which Karma can't deal with... I swear that's happened before, but nevertheless, there you go, day is saved, Outsiders are named while the black market lady in Markovia blasts some dude away using her eye laser after he became distressed Batman's eyes were set on their country. Also, she calls for Roderick, who by my research is an old Outsiders foe from Markovia who is also a vampire?

So man... yeah, we all knew the Outsiders were the end game here, and that's find, but booooooy it was a rocky ride getting here. It's almost as if the arc set off with the aim to create the Outsiders, only halfway through that plan got cut, only to be reinstated in the last moment, it's just all over the place. Why was Batgirl here only to be talked down to as if she was a rookie? Why did Karma hate Batman's proteges so much? Why did Katana show up? Ugh. Just frustrating, the arc deserved better, it started off well but just fizzled to the finish. We did get a promise that The Outsiders would be back, I imagine we'll hear something about it in either December's solicits or early next year... then Doomsday Clock will finish up and everything'll get screwed up!

In terms of the Outsiders, I feel like they're missing one member, I'm sure more will join whenever an actual book is launched, but as of right now it just feels like one of the former mainstays of the team needs to be involved in order for me to mentally accept this as the new version of the team.


  1. Batman shut down all the clones in Final Crisis (really,Last Rites) using the painful memory overload trick. It's a neat trick more heroes should try - Spider-man can just think about Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, Jean DeWolff, the two different times he thought Aunt May died (plus the time she was shot and almost died), his baby either being miscarried or kidnapped, when he had Doc Ock's memories and relived Aunt May and Otto being intimate, etc.

    1. Also Braniac 2 and 3 use that trick to defeat Braniac 1 in a L.E.G.I.O.N comic

  2. I like to think he overloaded Karma with various continuities, and like most comic book fans, there was only so much he could do to keep track of them.