Wednesday, August 8, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #986

Another quick write up! Hooray.

Everyone saves the kids by disobeying Batman who has trouble dealing with Karma's ability to read minds and then predict moves. Bruce mad at his "kids" but he needs to have Jefferson get Cass and Duke up to speed with Karma's tech... while Katana teaches him how to fight Karma... oh hey, she's here.

Sigh... So okay, last issue I got the feeling that plans for this arc got gutted and altered because a lot of what was promised pre release was MIA... and now I get the feeling they're trying to shove a lot of it in at the last minute. Hey Katana... you... really have reason to be here now... I guess we're still going to tie this into Brainiac somehow and No Justice? Y'all know you only got 20 pages left, right?

My previous complaints about where this arc ended up remain... Karma's motivations are barely there and his reason for targeting Batman's proteges remain nonexistent from what I can tell, and what the fuck is Barbara Gordon doing here? Two issues in a row where both Black Lightning and Batman are being so condescending to her as if she's a rookie on Duke's level. Shit, Barbara Gordon existed before Black Lightning so it's even weirder when you think about him scolding her. Barbara Gordon is on a Nightwing level in terms of independence, regardless of what you think of how her characterization has panned out post-New 52, so the idea of Batman putting anyone "in charge" of her is fucking absurd. To put it bluntly, I usually try to avoid statements like this in attempt to not be "that fan" but honestly, it's not just absurd, it's objectively incorrect characterization. Barbara's surprise inclusion in this arc and how she's been treated has really soured me on the whole thing very quickly.


  1. The story's been a bit lopsided, but I'm loving the action and everything with Cassandra.

  2. Agreed the mischaracterization of Babs is pretty egregious to the point of being distracting. It’s a really baffling choice. Also some weird thematic shifts going on, which makes me think you are correct about midstream changes.

  3. It almost seems like when the story was being written Stephanie was supposed to be in it. But as Steph and Tim have gone on a road trip Barbara was substituted at the last minute.