Wednesday, August 8, 2018

SPOILERS: Catwoman #2


So Selina fends off all the copycats and hears the Governor's name attached to them, turns in for the night, can't sleep, still upset about stuff. Mrs. Creel doesn't take failure too well, hammers and what not, but Mr. Creel has an announcement to make, he's stepping down as Governor which makes the Mrs. and her sons accelerate their plan, whatever it may be. There are some cops, one whose on the take and another named Will who seems like he's going to turn out to be the good one. Next night Selina shows up at a posh event and is quickly met by one of Creel's sons and the bad cop, who seemed to be expecting her.

So, it's a quick run-through sort of issue. I did enjoy that it actually exhibited fallout more from the events of Batman rather than the half a page it got in the first issue. I did have some issues with the pacing of the issue, it was just one of those quick "wait, where'd it go" sort of issues. Example of that being is big double page splash of Selina entering room, cut to last page, full page spread of her being met by the son. It just felt like there was a page missing there, kind of an awkward "cut" so to speak... I don't know, alright issue, just real short, not a whole lot of meat to figure out what's actually going on other than "that lady bad."

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