Wednesday, August 15, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #53

Could you spare a moment for our lord and savior Batman?

So, Bruce's argument against Batman is that he's well... he's a man. He isn't god, though everyone in Gotham see him as a god whether they know it or not. Everyone in the room is there because at some point Batman saved them, they trust him, they believe in him, they do not question him, so if Mr. Freeze is guilty because Batman thinks so, must be so... similar to the book of Job where God asked Job who he thought he was questioning God. So they don't question God, they don't question Batman... Batman is God... but he's not, he's a man. Bruce goes on to talk about how he was hurt recently and looked for Batman to save him, an allegory for him going real deep into Batman-ing, putting everyone in that trial in the current situation they find themselves in, and it didn't help, the hurt didn't go away, Batman is not the end-all-be-all, he's just a man. He can make mistakes, seeds of doubt, so on so on, in the end Freeze is found not guilty.

Also, we find out Bruce bribed his way on to the jury, as Alfred questions is any form of justice was actually served. Nevertheless, Bruce tells Alfred to ready the original suit (debatable) as he doesn't want to wear the suit he's associated... recent events, and needs to find himself again.

So the theological take wasn't exaclty what I was expecting, and even then, it was a different take on the "Batgod" meme, a much more in depth look at the ideas behind it, rather than the "lol, Batman can do anything (with prep)" joke. Goes back to what King was doing earlier in the run, humanizing Batman rather than keeping him on a god-like pestle. It's nice, every once and awhile you need one of the stories to bring him back down to earth, and that's exactly what this was. Little disappointing we didn't get much closure on the trial itself, but it was more a set piece for what followed rather than the actual plot.


  1. That’s one a damn beautiful Arc.

  2. I think the KGBeast issue is going to follow up on the Freeze case (according to September’s DC solicits).