Wednesday, August 1, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #52

When all is said and done with this arc, Bruce is going to make a calm and rational decision, isn't he?

So the whole issue is basically Bruce trying to prove that there's no proof Freeze actually did the deed. His argument is why the GCPD autopsy didn't show the evidence linked to Freeze, even when the coroner who was vouched for, but Batman did find it. Perhaps someone tampered with the bodies in between. Then it goes deeper that someone told Freeze that Batman was coming after him, someone Freeze refuses to name, and thus why Freeze was suited up ready for a fight, defense and all that. Ultimately it boils down to the jurors suggesting that Batman is wrong, incompetent, out of control, something for all of his theories to make sense, and asked if he can prove that fact... to which Bruce says he can.

So I've got a feeling that we're either going to get Bruce going "I'm Batman and I'm in a rough spot, but hey you can't talk about anything in here, and guess what if you do... I'm fucking Batman" which I don't know about... or he gets Dick to come in and say how stupid he is. EITHER WAY... don't know how I feel about that one too. Ultimately I get the feeling Bruce is going to make some emotionally crippled decision that will be somewhat noteworthy, hows that for specifics. Weirdly enough, I feel like this was the issue where Tom King had Bruce speak the most... although, it lands true with the rest of the book being in line with others reacting to Batman, as Bruce is reacting to Batman, not a whole lot of Batman speaking. Anyways, reading Bruce walk through this knowing full well he's hurting was a good read, and everything about the art holds true from the last issue, so you know... ::chef kiss:: to that. Looking forward to the conclusion.


  1. King returns here to the idea from I Am Suicide and War of J&R that Bruce feels encumbered by the myth of Batman. To others Batman is a larger than life, infallible legend, but Bruce knows he’s really just a guy.

    And now having been told point blank by the love of his life that he can’t be happy and still be Batman, and that he has to choose Batman, Bruce is not-so-subtly sabotaging his alter ego. Imagine how profoundly depressing it would be to hear that from the one person with whom you believe you could find happiness.

  2. Bruce is being selfish. Self flagellation is wasting time he could be using finding out who *really* killed those women, if not Freeze. Atoning for overdoing things by destroying Batman's reputation is counterproductive and amateurish and Bruce should know better by now.