Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Batman SDCC Round-up

So we're in the second half of SDCC, and looking at the panels I don't see many opportunities for much more news related to Batman, so here's a roundup of a bunch of stuff that got announced:
  • Hey, remember Marc Silvestri had a Batman book to announce? Me neither. But they announced it! Batman/Joker: Deadly Duo, where Batman and Joker team up for some reason... they were talking about how this never has been done or something like that and I'm just going to point out we all forgot about Batman: Europa. No release date given for this one, as is tradition.
  • Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok will release Batman: Three Jokers under the Black Label imprint as a three issue (40pg each) series, that will tie in to regular DC continuity. Considering Doomsday Clock has a big Joker story going on it (lots of Joker next week) I'm sure it won't be confusing at all!
  • Batman's old Hush costume is coming back in Batman #53, but... if you paid attention last month in solicits, that shouldn't be a surprise. 
  • Scott Snyder and Jock are launching a six issue mini series about The Batman Who Laughs in November, bringing in a new Dark Knight who has a fetish for guns. It's apparently going to tie into Justice League quite a bit. Horror roots for Snyder... I thought the full Wytches series was supposed to come back at the same time? 
  • After being rumored for 37 years, Peter Tomasi was confirmed to be the next long-term writer on Detective Comics. He'll be starting his run in December with artist Doug Mahnke with issue #994, and they'll be leading all the way up to #1000 in March of next year. No real details on what his run will be like.
Pretty sure I got all the relevant news. Let me know if I forgot anything.


  1. Not sure why they bothered with bringing back hush suit, since he's gonna get another costume change by the time the books catch up with doomsday clock.

    1. I wouldn't make that guarantee at this point.

    2. Exactly. It's like they are saying the Hush suit is his current "temper tantrum" mode suit of choice

  2. Tomasi writing anything Batman related gets me tingly all over. Fully expect Damian and Nobody to pop in regularly

  3. I love me some Tomasi Batman. Batman to Superman and back to Batman. I hope Gleason joins, at least for an arc or two.