Wednesday, July 4, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #46

I have a VR headset, all Nightwing needs to do is knock over one of the tracking devices and boom, problem solved!

So, since Dick is "unplugged" in his new life style, who makes sense to help him out on some violent tech trying to kill him? Barbara Gordon, of course. After helping rescue him from Wrym, she follows Dick to his Nightwing lair, where that spider thing burrows into Dick again, so she knocks him out and wakes him up with some dumb looking googles to help him flip through realities.

HEY REMEMBER THAT CYBORG DUDE DICK WAS TRAINING? Yeah, turns out he has a connection to all those victims popping up, the Mayor or someone just as important this time. Go figure. He's also announcing his big new initiative to virtualize Bludhaven or whatever. So that's bad. Dick breaks into the server room fro the Mirage company, uses the goggles Babs set him up with and sees all those things on the cover ready to kick his ass.

You know, I'm really enjoying this run so far, but the "didn't you do this in Green Arrow sort of?" vibe I get with "making a new Bludhaven" the way Seattle was made into Star City, I just can't shake. It just seems like a retread in a couple different ways. Other than that, yeah, still really fun. I like the dynamic between Dick and Babs... it doesn't come off as cheesy and they seem like adults so that's always a positive... that said, boy, I am really bummed that everyone's so pissed I can't use my "I can't believe Nightwing and Batgirl got married in Batman #50" troll tweet, so maybe we cool it on the romance a bit.

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