Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #984

I don't know why I'm now focusing on it, but I'm just looking at the "Karma comes to Gotham!" text on the cover and I'm just really bothered by how shitty the typography is.

So hey, there's this Karma guy, he's got a helmet that... conveniently does a lot of stuff and read minds that he got from Markovia and now he's attacking Cassandra Cain. Given how good at what she does Cassandra is, the bad guy does the "join me" thing, to no avail, then Black Lightnign and Batman show up, Karma redirects Jefferson's lightning at Bruce, gets away.

So that's the basic set up, as after that, Jefferson brings Batman back to Wayne Manor, learns all he needs to know and is given the rundown by Bruce as to what his "mission" is going to be. I like that Hill kept the recent reintroduction of Barbara and Cass' relationship with Bruce telling Jefferson that Barbara is going to try and challenge him over Cass, I hope it's not a throwaway reference and we actually get to see some of that. I found the very end to be a little melodramatic with Bruce telling Jefferson to convey Karma’s message that the “kids” quote unquote “make him weaker” as a means to keep them safe and push them away... but who knows, maybe this is post #50 Bruce who is extra sad?

The one thing that does concern me about this arc so far (and I'll note, I think it's started off well) is that... I'm someone who reads the solicits ahead of time, I know there's this other Katana and "Braniac files" thing in here which I assume stems from No Justice, but there's yet to be a hint about that. I'm just concerned over the balance between the two with limited issues in this arc left. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

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