Wednesday, July 4, 2018

SPOILERS: Catwoman #1

...I just hate all the text on this cover so much, and the logo doesn't match the vibe and ugh. But hey! Despite everything that's happened this week, this book is new and it's pretty alright!

The weird part about this book is that you could go in not knowing about the ill-fated wedding, and completely miss out that it was there. Once again... the marketing relies a little too much.

So a week or so-ish later, we find Selina in Villa Hermosa (I need to check spelling on that, but hey my review copy went off line as usual and I forgot to save it) where is that? Hell if I know, but that's where she is, and Catwoman's shooting cops.

We find out that the wife of the governor, whose a blood transfusion of the youth needing walking corpse of a woman (literally) has some gang of Catwomans doing bad... stuff. Not sure why, but hey, it's happening, and wouldn't you know it, Selina's here and after getting a package from Alfred of her personal belongings, she decides to take her life into her own hands and soon enough comes across a warehouse full of women dressed like Catwoman.

The first issue of this series is a weird one, but still pretty enjoyable. It's no where near as reactionary to the wedding as one may come to think, but hey, the wedding itself wasn't nearly as important as DC would have liked you to have think, and they're paying for that in their own way. On it's own though, I think the issue walks a thin line of being the first issue and being intriguing without giving everything away, but also failing to establish some fundamental basics. I had no idea where this was set until I went back and saw the one line about Villa Hermosa... and even then, I don't know what that is. Some real quick and simple establishing exposition would have been nice.

Unsurprisingly, Joelle Jones' work is fucking fantastic. She draws Selina Kyle as the femme fatale to end all femme fatales. The only problem I have with it, and I saw this coming a mile away since that first cover was solicited, is Laura Allred's colors. On Lady Killer I think Allred's flat coloring worked well to fit the time period vibe of the 50s, but it sticks out to me here, almost looking unfinished in a way. It becomes even more apparent when you go back to look at the issues of Batman Jones drew that were colored by Jordie Bellaire, which are just flat out stunning. Sure, it sticks out from DC's lineup, but for my tastes, I'm not particularly wild about it.

There is one more thing that stuck out. While Selina was running from the police, there's two potential members of the police force that I can see the old Catwoman cliche of a romantic interest happening... and can we just not? I mean, not only has that exact thing been seemingly done to death, but given the mess that happened this week, let's just not. Please?

Overall, I thought this was a decent start to Selina's new adventure, I just hope it isn't completely overshadowed by the mess DC made of over-promoting that wedding.

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  1. This story concept is basically just Nightwing's One Year Later storyline (where Jason Todd was prowling around NYC killing people while wearing the Nightwing costume) but with Catwoman. There's probably earlier precedence, though.