Wednesday, July 18, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #51

Back to happy fun times for Batman!

What's done is done and Bruce has to move on with his life. He's a well adjusted individual and I'm sure he won't be doing anything like tearing out urinals in courtroom bathrooms in fits of repressed anger bubbling to the surface RIGHT?!

Well anyways, the long and short of it is Tom King and Lee Weeks are giving us 12 Angry Men, where Bruce Wayne is the one hold out in the jury who believes Mr. Freeze is innocent. Is it a well worn trope? Sure, but the context of this being Bruce Wayne arguing against the actions of himself, well that's too good to pass up.

So the lead up to the end is that Mr. Freeze is on trial for the murder of three women, who the defense would argue had no link to Mr. Freeze until an unlicensed autopsy by Batman, allowed by the GCPD. Batman then brutalized the fuck out of Mr. Freeze, more so than usual, leading to Freeze confessing simply out of fear for his own life, as Batman was changed. So of course, this all stems from Bruce being depressed as fuck, and not okay in the slightest, a sentiment Dick (who is stepping in as Batman while Bruce is sequestered) relays to Gordon during one of their meetings.

So when the jury deliberates, it's down to "Well, Batman's Batman and has helped us and Gotham out, Freeze did it, clearly the evidence shows it regardless of who found it, lock him up" and then Bruce is the one hold out who doesn't give a "guilty" vote.

Like I said above, you could have seen the 12 Angry Men thing coming a mile away, but it's the context of it all that makes this so intriguing. I really, really want to read the next two issues in this arc to see the arguments play out. Sure there are some leaps in logic here, in terms of jury selection and if anyone in Gotham is impartial, but they deal with the whole Bruce Wayne/Batman connections more off screen so to speak, because honestly, who cares? Just tell the story, no need to waste pages determining if Batman Inc was ever a thing now. Leeks and Breitweiser though... Hooboy, so fucking good at what they do, to put it bluntly. If you had missed out on the Batman/Elmer Fudd special, then you're in for a treat here. I don't even need to justify myself, the art speaks for itself clearly.

When all is said and done, despite all the drama from a few weeks back, which as of now feels like forever ago, I'm ready to push forward and this issue was the start of an arc that I'm sure will continue to grab my attention.


  1. I liked the mundanity on display here. That combined with Weeks' art felt very, I dunno, Gotham Centrally?

  2. Bruce Wayne, public funder of Batman, would never in a billion years be chosen for a trial of one of Batman's rogues, suspension of disbelief or not. This is a brittle premise. Why doesn't King have Bruce, I don't know, go undercover as a case worker/public defender/psychologist to determine competency of Freeze to stand trial if he (Bruce) feels guilty about overdoing it?

    But, aside from that, it could be interesting to see where Bruce's guilty conscience takes him in all this.