Wednesday, July 4, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #50

I'm going to assume you all were good and didn't read that New York Times article on Sunday, spoiling the results for the wedding... or even the headline only, which spoils the results of the wedding... Regardless, I'm going to get straight to the point... Did Batman and Catwoman get married?

Fucking, no. This is comics, what did you expect?

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But to get into the actual meat of the issue, the majority of which is told through letters Bruce and Selina wrote each other, there's somewhat understandable reasoning for this happening, given the build up to what has happened recently (especially with Joker and Selina's conversation) capped off with some twists here. Selina picks Holly to be her witness and breaks her out of Arkham for a day, but Holly also opens the wound of "what's Batman if he's happy?" question, also telling Selina that after all that's happened, doesn't she have to be hero by default now?

So, we get to the letters, Bruce's culminates into hoping he can be more that what he's been defined as, essentially hoping he can be happy with her, but Selina's... Well, Selina brings up the idea of being a hero, and how heroes have to sacrifice something in order to turn it into good, like Bruce, who has been through so much shit but he turns his anger and sadness into saving the lives of countless people... and if he was to lose what makes him do that, what would happen to the world then? So, to be the hero she needs to be, her sacrifice is Bruce. She can't take Batman from the world. The two then jump from their respective rooftops, Selina in a running away sort of way and Bruce in a "did he just fucking commit suicide?" sort of way.


We're not done. See, the NYT article didn't spoil everything. There's the last page. Remember how Tom King said he's got a 100 issue or so run planned? Well what's half of 100? 50! So it'd make sense for there to be something else here right? Well... Fucking Holly man.

Holly is returned to Arkham and she reports in to Bane. She knew what she was doing pouring salt in Selina's wound, and reports back that she knows Selina is devastated, but she wasn't able to see Bruce so she doesn't know what he is... But Bane knows, he knows Batman is broken, for that is what he made him. But Bane is not alone. He's surrounded by familiar faces... Joker, Riddler, Ventriloquist, Psycho Pirate, Hugo Strange, Skeets... Uuhh, Gotham Girl... annnnnnd Flashpoint Thomas Wayne? YEP.

So that's that, of course they didn't get married. I was prepared for it, though I was flipping to each side of what I thought was going to happen on the lead up. Here's a fun fact, when I heard about the proposal waaaay before The Button ever happened, I was told "they'll never go through with it" and I should have trusted that, but hey, I know how much things change! There was hope? Or naivete at the very least.

That said, given the Booster stuff, the Joker stuff and all that lead up to it, Selina's reasoning made sense, but it was the last page that really got me on board, because of course. Even though Selina's reasoning made sense, she had been manipulated to get to that point. Bane has broken the Bat physically, but that didn't work, and this is Tom King, so break the Bat mentally. Fucking of course. That's what really got me on board here, but then the cast that surrounded Bane went form "yeah, okay" all the way to "okay, how the fuck?" so that's going to be even more interesting to see.


  1. Suuuuuuuuuuper disappointed they didn't carry this out. I think more stories could have come from the marriage than without it, certainly more than the usual status quo, especially after this huge tease.

    The Bane reveal makes sense in abstract, wanting to break Batman psychologically, but it seems a little farfetched he could assemble all those others to willingly work for him. Unless it's just because the Psycho Pirate is manipulating them (with Gotham Girl, it's probably true).

    1. I also have a hard time believing that it NEVER occurred to Selina that Batman needs to be miserable. She would have thought about it for a moment and dismissed it as ridiculous, because she's not an idiot!

  2. I couldn't think of anything all that meaningful to say about the leak that hadn't already been I thought I'd let this one comment on Reddit pretty much spell out everything done wrong by it.

  3. The Bane reveal makes no sense. How did he even know they were getting married.

  4. Good issue. Maybe even great, but the twist at the end is probably a bit muddled - by showing all the villains there rather than just Bane, my reaction went from "Damn, Bane got him good!" to, "Flashpoint Batman, that doesn't make sense at all." (Ditto with Skeets, Gotham Girl, and maybe the Joker). There's also a bit of a pacing problem here - Holly, Skeets and Joker are the only three people in that group that have appeared since Selina said yes (and Holly for only a handful of pages 7 months ago) - it took me a minute to remember that Ventriloquist was part of I am Suicide and I still don't remember what happened to Hugo Strange (was he captured in Monster Men?).

    When the spoilers came out over the weekend, my first thought was that, more so than Batman, Catwoman's ongoing is going to have a rough time of it. Beyond being ridiculous on its own, the text on the cover is now a taunt to every fan that feels (rightly or wrongly) betrayed by the result of Batman 50. The issue is not getting the normal press a new #1 gets, either - no interviews w/Joelle Jones, big reviews (no advance reviews, either), or recaps on any of the major site, and I don't think it was mentioned in the NYT piece (nor is it's existence appearing in many of the articles about the wedding). I hope DC takes their monumental screw up into account if the sales tank - Joelle Jones deserved a better shot at launching a book.

  5. So, theory: Flashpoint Batman wasn’t Thomas, he was Booster-Gold-timeline Bruce gotten old, who with the help of Skeets (who he maybe repaired again, but made mistakes in doing so again) and at the direction of Bane, messed with real timeline Bruce to get revenge for taking his happiness.