Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #45

And Dick Grayson's streak of getting himself into questionable sexual situations continues!

This is the story of Dick's off day. Not remembering anything from the night before, he wakes up next to alcohol and Babs. Being utterly confused, he gets a call to work and has to leave Babs, who is not actually Babs. Dick finds a stiff in the water while training that "this guy probably has something to do with something" techno dude, Nightwing-ing gets done, calls to real Babs in Gotham, and then Dick comes back to his apartment with Babs in it, asks her something about the case she mentioned on the phone, realizes it's not Babs, its Wyrm, green techno ghost, ejects that spider from last issue, and it's basically a bio thumb stick with all of his information.

So the prevailing question I had about this issue was "Did that techno ghost fuck Dick as Babs?" and there's a slippery Nightwing shaped slope to go down there (hey, guess who was the last writer to use Tarantula!?) but I'm pretty sure that's just me knowing that history and getting reminded of it. Regardless, I'm liking this take on Nightwing so far. I think outwardly stating he "went off the grid" so to speak in terms of his life and technology is a little on the nose and telling rather than showing, but it isn't obscenely blunt, and like I said last month, it seemingly fits the character. That said, I think there's a little samey feeling between whoever is trying to gentrify Bludhaven with the AR/VR stuff to the plot Percy had with Seattle turning into Star City in Green Arrow. Now, I'm sure they won't be 1 for 1, but Green Arrow was good, so I feel like things are pretty safe to be good here as well. I continue to enjoy Mooneyham's artwork, and I like how last month I thought "This reminds me of Klaus Janson" (among others) and now Janson is inking the book. The art definitely has more of an old school feel to it, which works with the idea of Dick going old school as well. So far so good with this new creative team, the only drawback is that the book is now only monthly and I'd like more sooner than later.

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