Wednesday, June 27, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #983

How many times can they use words with "out" in them until you maybe start to think that yo... maybe there's an Outsiders books in the works.

So the major plot of this arc begins with Duke Thomas almost getting blown up after he investigates a YouTuber who went on a TV show claiming to love Batman. A message is left for Bruce telling him that he's diluting his brand and being made weaker by plastering his symbol everywhere.

The issue makes good use of the post-No Justice continuity with Bruce speaking to Martian Manhunter about him having to do some things... outside of the League, and that's where Jefferson Pierce comes in, Bruce finds him after a bad night, telling him he's got a team that needs guidance outside of himself and there's a flight waiting for him in the airport.

While all this is going on, the main baddy who I'm going to guess is called Karma finds and attacks Cassandra Cain, while she's playing civilian.

So there's more to take away here, obviously the Outsiders stuff is heavily into play here, along with Karma being 100% in the know with Bruce, as they address Batman as such. So with that, and some pre-Doomsday Clock talk about Markovia, you start to wonder. What I walked away from this issue with was a pretty great sense of confidence in this arc. Bryan Hill does a good job of establishing Black Lighting for readers like myself who aren't very familiar with him. The mix between his speech as a teacher (principal?) to a new hire juxtaposed with him preventing a criminal from dying as Black Lighting laid some solid groundwork for me to figure this guy is likeable and sympathetic. As mentioned, Hill also makes good use of current and future DC continuity, which if you know me, I always enjoy when a book feels more connected. Miguel Mendonca's artwork also looked pretty good here as well, for whatever reason I enjoyed it a good deal more than his recent Nightwing work a few months back, just seems more refined, perhaps it's because this was a planned arc rather than fill-in? Whose to say.

Bottom line is, I came into this arc not knowing what to expect, not knowing if I'd really want a potential Outsiders spin-off, but with the start of this arc, I'm now leaning towards a solid "I'd read that" which is saying a lot for an increasingly obscure aspect of the Batman lore.

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  1. It figures that just when his team dissolved, Bruce goes and starts a new one pretty much right away. I wonder if Harper Row will be in this one. I liked her interaction with Cass in B&R Eternal.

    Also, ugh, people are so ungrateful in Gotham. Let's see what happens when Joker starts gassing people again and Batman decides he doesn't feel appreciated enough to stop him. I know he wouldn't do that, but seriously, fuck Gotham's citizens.

    "My son's death is all BATMAN'S fault!" I don't see the police taking down the super villains.