Wednesday, June 13, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #982

A quick spooooooky interlude before the next arc begins.

So to be perfectly honest, this issue is what it is, a filler issue that is meant to be published in an effort to shift some schedule around. It's fine, but it doesn't tie into anything, its just one hundred percent stand alone.

It's a basic story of Deacon Blackfire, who is supposed to be dead, back from the dead, and he and his cult battle Batman, trying to convince the Dark Knight that Gotham is bad and an evil place, something along those lines. There's a lot of allegories to Batman as a kid who lost his parents, because Blackfire's cult abducted a child who is a descendant of the cult leader, that is to be possessed, so your mileage may vary. Bruce sees hallucinations of a distorted Gotham, but breaks through because he built a family with his allies and all that. Saves the day, go figure.

To be honest, the story doesn't do much to stand out. It relies on some old tropes within Batman's realm of limited emotional feelings. The real star here is Sebastian Fiumara, whose art we first got a glimpse of in All-Star Batman, and it remains stellar here. He provides a very dark and stylistic twist on Batman, mostly keeping him draped in shadow, so if there are anymore Bat stories on the horizon that err on the side of the dark, I'd love to see him draw some more. 

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