Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Nightwing vs. Hush #1

If last week's issue was considered a bit weird... this issue goes some places.

As one would expect, Batman is brought out for his bachelor party by Nightwing and Superman, involving trips to the Bat-Burger and a pocket dimension of endless pond fishing. Having been tipped off (by the Joker) to the wedding, Hush shows up, ruins the day, and because it's a comic book, Nightwing and Hush end up in the pocket dimension where they're met by a faceless man who is not the Dude, he's the Guy and explains the dimension as the Inbetwix, and it has to do with escaping from identity, societal pressures, and all that... also, faceless identities zombies. Throughout the misadventure, Hush finds out Nightwing is Dick Grayson and Dick finds out Hush now has his face due to his weird Bruce obsession. Dick is eventually pulled through, but no sign of Hush. Dick learns that Clark is the best man but is okay with it given his need to struck out on his own and all that, but tells Bruce that after the wedding they need to hang out more.

In the epilogue Dick tells Babs that Joker knows about the wedding and is letting other rogues know as we see the Riddler surrounded by his dead men with a heart around the scar Joker left him in the War of Jokes and Riddles.

So this one got weird. I'm not sure where these pocket dimensions fit within Morrison's law of the DC Universe, but sure, I'll roll with it. In between the typical comic book interdimensional weirdness, we did learn little bits that are probably going to be important at some point, like that Batman is marrying Catwoman, but Bruce Wayne is not marrying Selina Kyle, because of all the drama that would cause in the "real world." That'll probably come into play... I don't think this one offered as many noteworthy character interactions as last week's but last week we got Damian and Selina who've had literally zero interaction for years now, so the scale is weighted in that direction. That said, despite feeling Hush came off a bit more petty than usual, I do like the idea of him changing his face to Dick's. Who knows if it'll ever be followed up on, but seeing Hush in Nightwing's rogues gallery for a bit could be interesting, give that character something to do other than the typical Bruce Wayne shit.

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