Wednesday, June 20, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Red Hood vs Anarky #1

This issue needed more weird super hero bachelorette party shenanigans!

Batman charges Red Hood with running security on Selina's bachelorette party, but without being seen, so taking up the job, Jason literally charges Bruce for the night.

All is standard, inflatable Nightwings and all that, but Jason gets word from Bizarro that there's some commotion on the roof of the strip club they're in, so Red Hood takes care of some gold mask wearing meninists who want to free the males from the sexual objectification, because lol.

Ultimately, as the cover would suggest, it's a big Anarky plot and he summoned every radical left and right social group to all duke it out.. for some reason that's a reaction to Joker informing him about the wedding because at one point when he was a kid he thought the Joker was his dad? I don't know, ultimately Red Hood uses his fee to donate money to everyone's cause, tells them they were played and to go home, but Selina saw the commotion, Bruce is mad, asks for a refund.

MAN. This was the one I was looking forward to the most too. "Red Hood runs security for Selina's bachelorette party" sounds fucking stupid in the best possible way, and there was a pretty distinct lack of stupid comic book hilarity. This issue, like Batgirl before it also lacks what I was hoping this series would do most of all, the titular characters actually reacting and coping with the idea of Batman getting married. Robin did it best with his one on one with Selina, the Nightwing issue had some of that at the end, but these past two just felt like they were on the fringes. There's still fun to be had, I just wish there was some more character meat to come out of this.

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