Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #48

The wedding day draws near and the Joker is still waiting for his invite.

This issue sees the Joker attempting to receive his invite by "asking for it" directly, by crashing another wedding with a whole lot of murder. He eventually gets Batman's attention and causes a stalemate as he holds a hostage... shoots her too early, then holds Batman himself hostage, shoots him, but you know... Kevlar, then holds himself hostage, all while telling a story of his mother that leads to a ending of love and chaos along with asking if he's Batman's best man. Bomb goes off, shot heard from outside, Catwoman decides to make her entrance despite having been told to stay away by Batman.

See, the problem I have with this issue is that effectively it is one scene that doesn't go anywhere. Every now and then we'll get this from Tom King. One scene, one focus, can be read in about five minutes, and unless you're looking to right a thesis on the meaning of a character who is insane in numerous different ways, a lot of the dialogue can just be glossed over, and that's unfortunate... I like this book and I like Tom King, but I don't want to be "Yeah I barely paid attention to what you wrote cus it just didn't amount to much and my attention was waning." Then if I'm breezing by the issue's plot I don't allow myself the time to appreciate the art, it's just not an ideal way to read a comic.

When all is said and done... this one scene didn't need to take up the entire issue. It just felt drawn out and didn't advance what little plot there was. Unfortunate way to start this arc leading up to the big issue... that said, man unless #50 concludes this story and then has whatever else it's going to do for the wedding... this just doesn't seem like it's going to go anywhere if you think about it.


  1. Welllll....that was, um...something...I just have no idea what the fuck it was. o.O

  2. King could have done so much in this issue and did nothing. This book has been stagnant ever since the Ivy arc. The art is keeping this book alive for me other than that it’s kind of boring. If 50 don’t blow me away I might drop this book.

  3. I thought Joker's shtick was great. But this did suffer from decompression, and it's hard to believe Batman wouldn't just immediately knock him out after he lost all his hostages. He's not going to deescalate with the Joker. Joker should have had more than just a bomb on him, maybe he should have had bombs on the wedding party instead of just immediately shooting them and counting on Batman being kind of naive. Let's hope there's some kind of strategy here.