Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sean Murphy Redesigns Batgirl

"I really like that"

::one day later::

"Oh yeah, I run a site about Batman comics..."

Well here I am! As the title says it, Sean Murphy redesigned the Batgirl costume to something more traditional, in a sense. It looks like a cross between the Batgirl: Year One costume and his own White Knight Batgirl. This change comes with storyline reasons as Barbara heads back to Gotham proper and starts using a suit she had been working on in the past.

More images of the design can be seen over at Polygon. Honestly, this may sway me a little bit towards picking the series back up... but we'll see, there's... some stuff in September worth talking about. Also, not the only costume change we're seeing!

(Source: Polygon)


  1. Can you hint what the other costume changes are?

    1. Solicits are Monday, I tested my luck too much with Heroes in Crisis teasing this week!

  2. I'm assuming Bruce, since we saw him in his new suit in doomsday clock. Doomsday clock is one year ahead of the rest of DCU btw.