Wednesday, May 2, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #44

Dick's back with a new creative team and the book just feels dirty now, and it's great!

The Spoilers:

Ben Percy wants to sell you and the idea that Dick Grayson is a bit old school, he likes human interaction and landline telephones, which I can get. He doesn't exactly get everyone being buried in their phone all day, but he's going to have to get it when those phones start blowing up on trains potentially causing big accidents if he wasn't Nightwing.

After getting some tech insight from Babs on the phone, Dick heads off to his day job where he's still sort of doing physical training, but he's just a personal trainer now, and this dude named Willem has a bunch of cyber enhancements, I'm sure that won't end horribly. On goes Dick's day as he finds hypertech more and more embedded into Bludhaven, as one of his favorite bodega's owners shows him how the city is trying to gentrify the place with augmented reality, turning his shitty little corner store into a Whole Foods looking sort of place.

Nightwing duty calls to a murdered Falcome Lt., killed by the cops, with the circumstances being a bit fishy as to who called, because it's clear no one one in the building called, but the call that was recieved indicated it came from inside the building and was completely accurate. Essentially, he was swatted, but the question is by who and why. The dead guy also has one of those AR dongles on him as well as the projection piece in his apartment, which Dick takes to investigate on his own.

Probably a good time to mention every time anything tech related happens in this issue, there's some weird green electronic ghost in the background, and oh no, the implant Dick took turns into a little spider thing and burrows into him, making his eyes glow green.

The Opinion: 

So, I just want to get the negatives out of the way, because there's a lot to like here. As with Benjamin Percy's depiction of Rebirth Oliver Queen, there's some stuff that's a little on the nose here. As with Green Arrow trying to "own" the term SJW as if it wasn't a derogatory term used by the shitlords of the internet who are afraid of the vagina lords of the secret feminist nazi cult that runs the world taking their video games away, here we've got basically what seems to be a bunch of tech words ripped from the headlines and amplified all at once. I've never really seen Dick Grayson as the sort of "man, what's an MP3? I prefer to press my own vinyl" technological outlier, but I can totally buy into him being a personal connection first thus feeling alienated by people's non-desire to interact with each other. All that being said, like Green Arrow, I think there's a lot more that outweighs the sort of on the nose depictions of some of the stuff here.

First of all, this was my first exposure to Christopher Mooneyham, and having googled his stuff after the announcement, I wasn't sure what to expect, but quickly found myself enjoying his work once I got into this issue. Obviously, I can't speak for the man, but it seems as if he draws influence from the likes of Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and JRJR, and combined with his seedy depiction of Bludhaven, the book gets a pretty solid noire vibe that's a couple decades, flying cars, and neon lights off from feeling like Bladerunner. The visual setting really matches the tone Percy is going for, and I hope those two have built a good working relationship that DC is happy with, because they could be on to something here.

As for Percy, I find this take on Dick Grayson vastly superior to the "hey so you're writing Detective Comics for two issues and Dick Grayson is a spy so do that... oh he's torturing someone? Sure, whatever" take we got a couple years back. As with all of Percy's stuff, I much prefer it over the New 52 stuff he had put out. His take on Dick is familiar, and like I said, the personal interaction first aspect makes sense. Having Babs cameo in here for something other than a "will they won't they" bait was nice, and their conversation seemed natural, and I enjoy the fact that Detective Svoboda is being kept around, and now I really hope that date with Harvey Bullock gets set up.

Overall, I thought this was a great start to the new creative teams run. Really looking forward to seeing where it goes, but it stings that this is now going to be monthly just when I really want more of it.

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  1. I adored this. Loved the art in particular. Bludhaven needs to be all grimy and dirty, good stuff.