Wednesday, May 23, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #981

James Tynion finishes up his run on Detective, puts some toys back in the sandbox, leaves others up for debate. All in all, it was a damn good run.

The Spoilers:

Without beating around the bush, Steph starts to push through the Brother Eye programming and ends up showing both Tim and Kate what really happened when Kate killed Bruce in the future. It wasn't as confrontational as future Tim thought, Kate gave Bruce every opportunity to "escape," but he had fallen terminally ill due to the radiation from working on Brother Eye and knew what had to be done, he just asked Kate to make sure the family get his final message which he stored in Brother Eye, then had her pull the trigger, knowing she'd be psychically probed by President Waller to confirm he's dead. With tears in her eyes, Kate follows the order. Here's the hitch though, Brother Eye was too sentient and kept that final note from Bruce secret from everyone, and thus the dark future played out. 

So with Tim regaining control, everything starts to fall apart for Armstrong, the OMAC heroes get freed, Cassandra with her new found confidence helps defend Batman, Steph takes out Armstrong, Batman leads everyone out of the collapsing building.

Now we see where everyone leaves off. Bruce and Kate have a dinner where they reconcile, and it's revealed Bruce pulled some strings to get Jacob reinstated, and Kate promises she's no longer part of the Colony if it exists. Luke hangs up his Batwing suit, focusing on tech, like he did the last time, Azrael kept wanting to see things from a higher perspective, so he had a conversation with Cyborg. 

Elsewhere, Cass moves into Leslie Thompkins clinic, and is delighted to find that Leslie has set up Barbara Gordon as her tutor. Outside, a muddy hand leaves a note on Cass' door, as a very much alive Clayface gets back into a car with Dr. October, asking to leave the city as fast as possible. 

Elsewhere, Tim has finally set out to go to Ivy University and Bruce sees him off in a somewhat emotional farewell... but there's some sort of not tension... but Tim knows he's not going to Ivy and he knows Bruce knows as well, but neither say anything. When Tim drives away with Steph, he tells her with everything that happened and diverging timelines, he wants to figure everything out and needs her by his side to keep him level, and they drive off. That night as Bruce is ready to go on patrol, Alfred tells him Tim's tracker is headed the opposite direction from Ivy, to which Bruce says to turn it off and Tim will contact them if he needs anything. 

The Opinion: 

This was the classic end to a run that at the very least feels like it gets to end naturally. The toys are put back in place, characters are put back into their place. Batman's Batman, Batwoman is back to her basic structure, and so on... but new opportunities have arisen like whatever Tim is up to... that said I doubt we'll see him for a while, but Cass is getting hooked up with Barbara and that's potentially awesome... and Azrael is going to fucking space. The only one sort of left out is Luke and well... yeah. He's kind of the after thought in all this, didn't really progress much and is back to hanging up the suit again... the only thing that I got hung up on was Steph being totally cool with Tim  not going to Ivy, I guess it's because she's included? I don't know, not gonna dwell on it.

It was nice to see Eddy Barrows close out the run, despite me thinking his Armstrong looked like a completely different character and still being creeped out by the smiles... regardless, nice looking issue. 

It had it's weak spots, but I loved this run on Detective. James Tynion's best DC work yet if I get a vote. Really excited to see what he and Martinez do on Justice League Dark, if this was any indication, I'm sure it'll be great fun.


  1. This run started off great with the first arc but after that it went down hill for me. It had a couple of good moments like Batman teaming up with Zatana, and the Tim and Mr Oz arc. This was a weak run with a rushed ending I hope the next creative does a better job.

    1. Yeah, I see it the same way. It started really good, but then it dragged too long.

  2. A satisfying end to a great run. I couldn't be happier, really.

  3. For all the small faults and certain characters (steph) that bugged me in this book, this was a really good finale. Seeing all these heroes make up and find new places to go to was really nice, and the message of making the best out of the present was great. Bruce and Tim hugging - great! Also, who didn't love the fact that Clayface is alive and is probably going to be back soon? All in all, this was a generally consistent run with some amazing stories and a lot of great character moments. Proud to have read it all.