Wednesday, May 9, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #980

So remember how Wally West remembered everything from all of his lost continuity last week? WELL... turns out this cover isn't a total bait and switch.

The Spoilers:

General and OMAC Tim are on a rampage through Gotham, and Kate is trying to draw them away as Batman, Spoiler and Orphan infiltrate the base. The infiltrating trio eventually get spotted so it's up to Batman to deal with OMAC Azrael and Batwing while Stephanie tries to crack Tim's code, with Cass defending her.

Elsewhere, OMAC Tim is going all Ghost of Christmas future on Kate. General is doing the same sort of thing with Cass and Steph, taunting them about how they're just shadows of themselves and aren't fit to beat him... and this is where the bomb gets dropped. General starts projecting visions of their lost timeline... both as Batgirl. Like everything... including Stephanie's time as Robin and Cassandra being trained by Oracle. Problem is, this has the opposite effect on the two that Armstrong was planning on. Instead of being depressed or whatever, Cassandra finds solace that she was given the symbol of the Bat to wear, and similarly, Steph now feels that despite all the shit she's been through, she knows she has the capacity somewhere in her to be as good as she was just shown to be... oh also, Armstrong showing her that stuff gave her access to a whole bunch of information from that timeline that allows her to crack into Tim's systems. WHOOPS.

The Opinion: 

So yeah, big continuity drop here. I saw the cover for this issue and expected some potential future type stuff, but now going all the way back to War Games, crippled Barbara teaching Cass how to speak, etc. Deep cuts all of which really cool to see. The question remains if any of this gets followed up on and that remains to be seen... I'd like us to really get the ball moving into restoring the old universe 100% but we're clearly watching a long game get played out.

Continuity coolness aside, there's still some stuff I didn't quite dig... There are some pages where... sheesh, they just don't look good. Mainly the Batwoman chase scene. Then I get echos of the way Tynion writes Stephanie in this series as being super sanctimonious without the ability to back it up, which really annoys me. There's a part where Batman just generally asks how her drones hiding their position are holding up. Completely normal, no tooth to the question, just a sitrep... and Steph just gives him so much fucking attitude back. "How are they holding up, Stephanie" she basically says "fine" followed up with "You know, this is why it was stupid of me to ever think I should have been part of your so-called Bat-family. You automatically assume that this isn't going to work, just because I built it!"


"Okay, there's a problem."

I mean... And this isn't ragging on Stephanie, because I have liked her in the past, but how she's been handled through this entire run has tested every bit of foundation I have with the character. It's really the one blemish I can point to in Tynion's run... Steph's attitude just sucks so much and she's got nothing to back it up with.

Steph aside, this run has ben great, and with one more issue of it left, there's a lot of potential cool stuff that's set up here. I can't really see how it'll all be addressed in 20 more pages, but who knows, I'm looking forward to finding out.

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