Wednesday, May 2, 2018

SPOILERS: DC Nation #0

"You wouldn't get it." ...OOOH I get it. annnnd now I'm dead.

The Spoilers:

So, if this isn't completely obvious, I'm just covering Tom King's part of the issue. The No Justice preview seems rad and... well... Bendis sure isn't going to make friends of Lois Lane fans, that's for sure.

So back to the main course... Joker! He's back! Are there three of him? Remember when he was cured in Superheavy? What about him being locked in the batcave? Don't worry about it.

Joker's hanging out with his new pal Roger, waiting for the mail to come, as Joker's waiting for a very important invitation to a very important wedding. Why at Roger's house? Who knows. Not Roger, and the presence of the Joker and the fear for his own life is enough to torture him into near insanity... also, the really bad jokes.

Joker promises Roger that he won't die if the invitation arrives that day, because Joker only kills when he's upset. After a painstaking wait, what Joker determines to be the invitation arrives and blam goes Roger's head because he kills people when he's happy too. Also, the invitation didn't seem to be an invitation?

The Opinion:

Yeah I don't know what was up with the invitation just being the tardy letter for Roger's kid. Is the assumption that Joker killed the kid? I guess not, because for the time a tardy letter would have to be mailed you'd figure the kid would be gone and the parent more stressed... yeah that didn't make much sense, but it's the Joker. Those bad jokes... were pretty good. "I never learned the alphabet, I don't get why" sooooo bad, but good.

Clay Mann's art... fucking godly. The panel of Joker looking at Roger after one of his jokes is borderline iconic Joker already.


  1. DadJoke-r is my new favorite villain.

    Now this is the stuff I want King to write. I like that Joker pretty much chose this guy at random, he's not even some person that Bruce Wayne would have invited to his wedding and Joker's piggybacking on it. Joker just came to some guy's house on a whim and did this to make himself feel better.

  2. This story gave me so much anxiety. Lol I felt so bad for Roger. Joker literally trolled this guy to death for no reason. vintage joker