Wednesday, May 9, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #8

I've got to say, I really enjoyed how this one wrapped up.

The Spoilers:

So it's the big storming of the castle and all that. Lot's of action, don't really need to spell everything out. Batgirl and Mr. Freeze are able to dismantle the freeze ray, Clayface gets freed and is pissed, Jack and Harley go after Neojoker and Hatter.

While Jack and Harley are chasing down Neo through the tunnel, outrunning a rush of water as it floods, a narrow gap stands between them and certain destruction. Neo offers Jack a chance at living, given her bike can fit through, but he shares some words with Harley and ejects her in a bike, much like in the Dark Knight, and she goes after Neo as the batmobile crashes behind her.

Not knowing that Batman actually rescued Jack, Harley catches up to Neo and those two have it out, both physically and verbally. Harley is this close to killing Neo with her own knife until Duke radios in telling her that Jack is safe. She returns happy to see Jack, but Jack is a man of his word and requests to be taken to Arkham before he loses complete control.

Inside Arkham, Jack gets a new cell which throws him for a bit, as he says his old one is where he discovered Joker. Before everyone leaves, he requests that they wed him to Harley, which Jim agrees to, but just as Jack is about to say "I do," he reverts back to the Joker and finishes his nuptials.

The rest is a lot of wrap up. Bruce reads Alfred's letter to Dick and Barbara, Jack's confession is released to the press, Batman confronts Harley about her having manufactured the drugs and set everything in motion and then we end on Batman revealing his identity to Jim.

The Opinion:

Like I said up top, I really enjoyed how this one ended. Lot's of great action, great character moments between a bunch of them. I thought the wedding scene was actually pretty tragic in a way. Gave me conflicted feelings, which I feel like was the point of the book, nevertheless, it was handled incredibly well dramatically. There were a few things that were mentioned just never really followed up on, like in Alfred's letter there's something mentioned about an item he had underneath his floorboard, but we never see that. Worst kept secret is Sean Murphy is probably doing a sequel to this at some point, but the floorboard thing seems like something you'd see then the bigger stuff it actually meant would be in the sequel, but hey... minor annoyance at best. That "discovered the Joker" thing sure seems like it is ripe to be followed up on. In the end, as usual, Harley was my favorite part of the book. She's got this really good moral position of seeing the best out of two lunatics, and manipulating the situation to her and Gotham's advantage. If we do get that second volume, I really hope she's still got a big part in it.

Overall, I remember being a bit shaky on the first issue of this series, but it really shaped up to be a fun and unique take on the Batman mythos, which I'll gladly come back to if or whenever DC and Murphy decide to revisit.

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