Wednesday, May 30, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Robin vs. Ra's al'Ghul #1

Hey, did you hear Batman is getting married? Well now it's time for all the Batman related characters to actually acknowledge it!

The Spoilers:
Considering she's getting married to his father relatively soon, it's about time Damian actually get to know Selina, so the two "get to know" each other in between needle pricks while Damian is getting his suit tailored. As the two leave, Damian gives Selina his cliff notes origin, then proclaims his independence and catches her off guard by mockingly suggesting she'd want him to call her "mom." Selina suggests it's getting late but Damian knows she has her party so the two split and Damian celebrates his own way by breaking into the local arcade to set a new high score on Cheese Viking.

Inside, he's met by a new foe by the name of Aion. The two fight and eventually Aion is revealed to be the son of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, the son Bruce chose to have and the true heir of the bat. It's at this point Damian begins to trip balls and start seeing 666 visions, but it's also when he figures out what's going on as a mix of hypnotic suggestions and pricks from a certain poisoned needle are in effect, all the work of his grandfather, Ra's al Ghul.

Sure enough, there's Ra's who really just seems to be there to troll Damian, who he's still bitter about apparently. Nevertheless, lots of discussion about Talia being replaced and now he will too, all that sort of stuff, as Damian is left in a haze.

Damian is waiting for Selina when she gets back to the manor, and sits her down for the talk. Blatantly just asks her if she and his father are planning on having children, because that's hilarious. Again, caught off guard, Selina eventually finds an answer which is despite not really talking about it much, she doesn't think she should have kids... after all, she's self admittedly not the greatest person and has a hard time seeing herself raise someone to be better than herself... Then butters Damian up by saying she wouldn't be lucky enough to have another Damian Wayne. She ends the discussion by striking up a deal with Damian, that she'll have his back for however long that he has hers, to which he agrees.

ELSEWHERE. The League of Assassins is obviously in town, but their ranks may have dwindled, as Ra's is met with a room of dead bodies and one assassin who had his eyes gauged out saying "He kept asking if we had gotten an invitation." A blind assassin being no use to Ra's, he snaps the man's neck and finds a message left for him on the wall: "HAHAHAHA" and so on...

The Opinion:
Look, I tried to follow Tim Seeley to Green Lanterns, but I'm just not that much into that side of DC at the moment.... and the art was eh, but that's neither her nor there... the point is, get this man back in Gotham, on anything. Shit man, I just love the way he writes these characters. I've always thought Seeley has a knack for writing characters playing off one another and seeing stuff like Selina Kyle and Batman's fucking arrogant assassin son really interact one on one like this outside of some random scene in the old Streets of Gotham book, was just so fun. With the wedding being such a shake up in the continuity, and us having known about it for so long, it's also good to finally get some greater Bat family interactions with it, and kicking off with Damian was a great start. Having the Joker plot build up around the series too was also a good idea, and should supplement the main title well. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy the rest of these issues if this was any indication.


  1. It's rare that I enjoy a Damian story (at least, one not written by either Tomasi or Gleason), but I enjoyed this, especially Damian's interaction with Selina. It's good that instead of just getting huffy over Selina marrying his father, he just kind of doesn't know what to make of it or her at first, but gets gradually accustomed to it, partially from Selina's efforts.

  2. This was terrific. Selina and Damien,the pairing I never knew I wanted. You are so right about Seeley.He really gets these characters. Either he should write a Damien solo series or a Streets of Gotham kind of book.