Wednesday, May 16, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #47

This is basically the Darkest Timeline episode of Community.

The Spoilers:

It's been a year, and Bruce Wayne hasn't let go of what happened to his family thanks to Booster Gold, who is locked up, emaciated, in what would have been the Batcave. When Skeets is repaired, Bruce finds out that he needs Booster's voice, or Skeets won't have it. So... Bruce, not being familiar with the standard time travel tropes, gets Booster, and demands that he takes them back 10 minutes before his parents were killed.


So here we are in crime alley, knowing he's been tricked, Bruce attacks Booster, oh and here comes the other Booster, because time travel! This is the Booster who stopped Bruce's parents from getting murdered, so seeing himself and an adult Bruce fighting, he realizes exactly what's going on, as in he must of fucked up now they're fixing it, and he's psyched... but wouldn't the first original Booster have seen himself and.... never mind. One of them gets shot, as Bruce's parents are getting shot. So adult Bruce sees this and how fucked up everything is, and then blows his brains out.

HEY! Booster saved the world, and he's telling Bruce and Selina of his accomplishments as he tries to clean the blood off his goggles, that's long been washed off.

The Opinion: 

So that was dark... really dark. But it's a Tom King book, so hey... darker things could happen... Vision. Before this arc, I couldn't say I was a fan of Booster Gold... still can't, but I am a fan of emaciated crazy person Booster... that was pretty funny. Tony Daniel's art was great as ever, loved the final page of just pure depression with Batman and Catwoman neither speaking. Despite my enjoyment of the arc, the lead up to the wedding sure has been weird since that Talia arc... or did the Superman one come after it? It's almost as if the book doesn't want to commit to a big story before the wedding... OH GOD, time to look into that too much, the wedding is never going to happen, no one is going to commit to anything! aaaaaah.

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