Wednesday, May 2, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #46

One year later! Except this time it's not after... well... Booster Gold was involved in the last one sort of right?

The Spoilers:

Booster, you idiot. It's one year later, and Booster is still set up on fixing his mistakes, and knowing all about Batman's history, he remembers the time that Batman used Ivy's love for Harley to make the world better again! So what does Batman love? Catwoman! Time to get her and set up a meet cute, which is a television term for in romantic comedies when the couple meets for the first time, but it's grammatically a terrible term and I hate it every time I read it... bu that's neither here nor there. Only problem is, Selina Kyle is a serial killer locked up in Arkham whose only means of communication is saying "meow." Nevertheless, Booster breaks her out and they avoid psycho killer DickBats.

All the stress of Gotham being a total shithole despite his best efforts sends Mr. Wayne to the hospital, and eventually home on rest... but here comes Booster Gold! Meet cute time! Oh wait, Selina is a psycho and Thomas Wayne closed her orphanage and put her away... So let's just make a rundown of the events that happen in this shit show:

Selina slices Alfred's throat
Selina mauls Thomas Wayne
Dick shows up, shoots Selina
Dick sets off a flashbang, incapacities Booster
Dick goes to shoot Selina in the face, gets his fingers sliced off
In the fight between Dick and Selina, Martha gets shot in the crossfire
Bruce shoots Dick in the face

The end.

You did good Booster.

The Opinion: 

So if I was a Booster Gold fan, maybe I'd be mad at how inept he is in this arc, instead of being the guy who really saves the world but doesn't get the recognition... but I'm not, and the comedy of errors is hilarious. Tom King just has zero chill and it just keeps getting better and better on each page, and by better, I mean worse.

Tony Daniel gets to draw Catwoman this time around and I've always liked his Selina and now she's got the movie costume, so thumbs up towards that.

With all said and done, I genuinely look forward to whatever ridiculous solution has to be conjured up to fix this. I kind of hope it's just that Rick and Morty episode where they realize they've fucked up the universe too much and just bail, leaving this super shitty angst version of the universe available to come back at some point.


  1. Im kinda leaning towards King simply using the classic version of Booster who is an idiot with a capital I, but a good hearted one.
    He means well, but he can't tie his shoes without falling over and break something.

  2. I'm not feeling this arc at all. I feel like it's just a diversion while King works on the wedding stuff.

  3. Somebody tell Tony Daniel that Selina has green eyes not blue. This is a fun arc it reminds me of the “over the edge” episode from TAS everything is just going wrong.

    1. Tony Daniel doesn't have anything to do with that

    2. It's Holly Robinson and not Selina, this can't be random.