Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #979

It's almost as if everyone forgot the Colony employed a total dickhead who's real good at the tech stuff.

The Spoilers:

The General is slowly taking over Tim's mind by flooding it with the memories of his future self and try as he might, Tim resisting doesn't seem to do much. All the while, Batman, Batwoman and Jacob Kane continue to deal with their OMAC problem.

The trio in the Kane manor manage to fend their OMACs off when help arrives in the form of Batwing and Azrael, who share Kate's concerns that this could be Tim. General cherry picks a bit of surveliance to convince Tim that even Batman doubts him, and that seems to be the last straw as General and Brother Eye fully take control of Tim... Just as Batman is saying he still believes in Tim and what not. 

General and his Tim Batman OMACs fly to the old sight of the Belfry and truly build the Belfry 2.0 out of OMACs, while Batman finds Cass in the cave, and asks her to please lead him to the one person who may be able to help.

He we find Stephanie telling Batman how jealous she'd get of Tim telling her that despite how angry and frustrated he'd get with Batman, he'd always go back when Batman told him how much he was needed, so this time she wants to hear it. Batman doesn't hold back and flat out asks Stephanie for her help in order to save Tim.

The Opinion:

So, the biggest drawback to this is what usually happens with DC books, the series artist is already booked for something else so they pull someone from a usual pool of artists to wrap things up, right at the climax. Sometimes it's alright, but I'll just say I'm not a huge fan of Briones' work, I find his faces to be kind of squished and narrow. There were some pages here and there that I really liked, but overall, sort of disappointing to have a switch so late in the game.

Story wise, like, Armstrong was known to be a lunatic, right? He was fired by the Colony, and no one thought "hmm... maybe keep tabs on this tool." It's one of those comic logic things that I'm having a hard time dealing with, but it's no big deal really. This is going some weird places and with the cover of next issue, and there not being as many flash forwards to the evil Tim's future as I thought there would be, I'm curious, to say the least.

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