Wednesday, April 11, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #978

We don't even have time for any Batman vs. Colony shenanigans, the OMACs are gonna kill us all!

The Spoilers:

The fight between Batman, Red Robin and the Brother Eye controlled Colony soldiers didn't go well. Tim is pretty beat up and 18 low level thugs are left dead. Bruce and Tim investigate the knocked out soldiers in the cave and while Bruce goes to meet with Jacob and Kate to discuss the recent transgressions that it appears the Colony has committed, Tim stays behind to examine the soldiers more.

In Martha Wayne and Jacob Kane's childhood home, Bruce has a tense meeting with Kate and her father, giving very little response as Kate tries to defend the Colony and even maybe flip it on Tim, suggesting that he might have the ability to control the suits.

LONG STORY SHORT, nah, it's Armstrong, and he's shaven his head, that way you know he's crazy, is going by the General now, takes command of the soldiers in the Colony ship above the Kane house, turns them into OMACs, turns Tim into an OMAC... oh yeah, Cass showed up in the cave too.

The Opinion: 

This is one of those arcs that is doing things (OMACs) that you don't usually tend to see in Batman books, or you haven't seen them in quite some time, so that's cool. The only unfortunate thing about this arc is that I feel like there should have been some breathing room between this and the last arc. Give me an arc of Kate doing Colony stuff, building up tension between her and Bruce, then break it with the OMAC stuff. That said, obviously because James Tynion is leaving, that can't be done, but hey, I get it. 

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