Wednesday, April 4, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #7

Batman and Joker team up, because the bad guy wouldn't expect it... just like how they did it last week... well that's an unfortunate coincidence.

The Spoilers:

Jack is losing control, as Batman rots in an Arkham Cell, but because he's Batman, he has a pretty good idea what's going to happen, depending on Harley suggesting to Jack that they'll need him, so until then, he'll wait. 

And Batman's right! After a poor meeting with Neo Joker, Harley gets Jack to ask Batman for help, but he's got one condition, a full confession. Jack only agrees to it if Harley is kept out of it, and they've got a deal. One more thing, Jason Todd revelations. He's alive. Joker let him go after he said how much he hated Bruce Wayne for ruining his life. He's been underground ever since. Hey, did I mention there's a sequel coming? Jack also figured out that Batman really is Bruce Wayne, after he discovered Bruce Wayne's companies fully reimbursed the Batman Relief fund he had been using to rally against the politicians. Nevertheless, Batman and Joker get help from Freeze in the form of a map of tunnels beneath the city, and the GTO's plan is to blitz the tunnel system with legit Batmobiles, not the supped up cars they've been using.

Before their strike, Bruce pulls Dick and Barbara aside and apologizes to them, telling them all he's ever wanted to do was make a Gotham that would allow them to never put on the masks again. In his reconciliation with Gordon, he tells his old friend that after the night, he's going to reveal himself to Gotham and tell the truth.

As they ride to Neo Joker's base, Batman tells Jack to pretend to give her what she wants in the Joker, but it seems like there's no pretending as Jack has lost complete control. (I think?)

The Opinion:

Boy, there's just a lot of great character moments in here, especially we get to see some Batman not being angry and rash, but being the smartest person in the room, and changed from how we're used to seeing him portrayed in here. Harley's still great. The Jason revelation leads a lot open, and so much more. This was one of those issues where I'm kind of scratching my head at how much is packed in, but none of it felt rushed, the pacing was fantastic. Ultimately, it's a great set up for the finale.

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