Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman and the Signal #3

So, unexpected Star Wars twist, I think? I don't remember what I was thinking last issue about Gnomon.

The Spoilers:

Action heavy issue, that's for sure. The bottom line is, Batman and Signal split up, as there's signs of Gnomon at two different locations. Batman takes Wayne Tower, bomb. Signal takes the arch or whatever it's called, winner winner, chicken dinner... Also, Gnomon's your dad. 

So Gnomon says a lot of stuff here... like he's been around for a long time, how Duke's mom has powers (that she used to save him before being infected with the Joker poison, gonna have to go back and look), and how it's a shame he's following Batman when he should be following blah blah. So Gnomon found them when Duke's mom used her powers and now we're here. One armed cop comes in, takes Gnomon down by shooting his mask, Duke has to defuse the metabomb or whatever is going off, distraction, Gnomon gets away, day is saved.

Duke's found his place within the Bat family and Gotham, Gnomons out there, being foreboding and saying there are others he can use over a panel of one of Duke's friends. Riko, I think.

The Opinion:

So my main problem is that I think there's too much happening in too little of time, and added to the fact, the delays causing there to be too much time between issues just made it for a weird package overall. I feel like Duke just doesn't get enough time to be established correctly. The All-Star Batman back up was weird and made very little sense to me, and here we get an abbreviated story with apparently big revelations that weren't really given the room to breath. I don't know, I enjoyed what we got well enough, but the pacing is just strange. We'll see how Bryan Edwards uses Duke in his upcoming Detective arc, but that is just an arc too... unless The Outsiders becomes a thing that gets their own book.

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  1. Ugh with the "Duke I am your father" bit. So Duke gets assimilated into the Immortal Men book before long, right? He seems like a likable enough spotlight character to be a protagonist in that book and maybe bring interest to it.

    I still like Duke, Izzy and Riko, thought Aisli was good enough to bring into the story angle, and thought Gnomon's design was cool. I'm okay with crazy villains trying to activate Metal/Meta connections. But it doesn't need a half-dozen titles to explore it, this should all be in one book - either Immortal Men, or perhaps a new Outsiders run where Batman brings back his black ops team to keep investigating all the Metal shenanigans. Except since Metamorpho is tied up elsewhere, room to bring Duke into the fold.

    Duke working with Black Lightning and Katana could be pretty cool, as could seeing Geo-Force and Halo investigate Metal.