Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #45

Schezuaan sauce.

The Spoilers:

Hey everybody, it's Booster Gold, and here's Hal Jordan blowing his own god damn brains out for some reason. Weird! Gotham sure seems strange... and full of Jokers... and on fire? Better go find Batman!

Hey good news, Batman has been found... and he's shooting Booster in the face! Good thing Booster can deflect bullets. Maybe something's up... like how Batman is actually Dick Grayson. Once Booster gets away from him, he figures out he needs to find Bruce Wayne.

And he does! Bruce is in the middle of dancing with his mother at her anniversary party and Booster literally crashes (through a window) the party!

He pulls Bruce aside and explains the deal... for his wedding he wanted to get him one of those "that really makes you think, huh?" gifts. He wanted to save Bruce's parents, thus he never became Batman, but he'd see how shitty the world around him will have become and be assured that despite the tragedy, he's done right by the world in wake of it. Soooo, time to use skeets and go back in time, right? 

ooooooooor Bruce bashes the shit out of Skeets, because he doesn't want to lose his parents, because as we know, Batman ain't a stable man.

The Opinion:

So I'm not usually a fan of these alt history stories that are going to be reversed in three issues, because sometimes they just feel like a waste of time, but for whatever reason I liked this one a lot. It's way different than anything Tom King has done on the title so far. It still sticks to the format of him more so writing the characters around Batman, or reacting to Batman/the idea of Batman, but it's just so out there and weird with a dash of dry humor thanks to Booster's involvement. I also liked how we saw cut-aways to where all the Bat boys are in this world... and I liked how Damian had a cut away, only it was Talia telling her father their bloodline is to die with her because there is no worthy man as her mate. (Hi, current Deathstroke arc...)

Tony Daniel is a welcome return in my book, I always liked his art on Batman (outside that weird period post Bruce Wayne's return where he was drawing everyone with an added extra 80 pounds of muscle... on each limb) and he was the artist of Batman around the time I was getting into single issues (RIP), so in a world where David Finch doesn't seem to be coming back in any regularity anytime soon, Tony Daniel steps right into that sort of big bombastic super hero feel. 

So, over all fun start to the arc, and for once I'm curious about sure to be erased timeline.


  1. I dunno about this. Seems like Booster ought to know by now not to do this sort of thing.

  2. Booster definitely took some Stupid Pills off-panel.