Wednesday, April 4, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #44

Selina goes dress shopping... well... she doesn't really shop, does she?

The Spoilers:

To be perfectly honest, there's not a lot of plot progression in this one. On a rare quiet night where Batman is actually asleep... I KNOW, let's forgive that for the story, Selina sneaks out, goes through the sewers, plants an explosive beneath a bridal store, and goes on an early AM shopping... stealing spree to find the perfect dress.

Stitched between pages of Selina's "caper," we see flashbacks all reflecting different moments of Batman and Catwoman's past (all from past continuity) featuring different looks and designs of the characters, of course, alluding to them finding the perfect look and Selina the perfect dress.

Some on point relationshipy things are said, and having found the perfect dress Selina sneaks back to bed before morning getting an "oh, you"  from Alfred. 

The Opinion:

Like I said at the top, not a whole lot of plot in here, just one of those character pieces examining the relationship between the two and how it's progressed through the years. The real story here is Joelle Jones and Mikel Janin killing it on the art again. These two. Woo. Jones is the best artist to draw Catwoman in years and Janin nails all the retro looks for the characters. Visually, just a great issue.

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