Wednesday, March 21, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #41

The Judge is about to get... JUDGED!

Eh. I should workshop that.

The Spoilers:

Long and short of it is, Dick escapes the explosion with the Casino owner via riding his bike out of a window, acrobatics, boom he's safe, gives chase to the judge, whose car he picks up with a big crane. 

They battle over the water, Judge tries to get Nightwing to agree to let him go, Spovoda whatever her name is, shoots judge in the arm, more distraction, Judge tries to escape, Nightwing catches him in the water.

Nightwing talks with Guppy who owns up to what he did and tells Nightwing not to blame himself, he forgave everyone else who betrayed him during the ordeal, so he should forgive himself. So Dick seems to do so and goes back to teach crossfit... you know, until the next creative team gives him a new job. 

The Opinion: 

Eh, it was fine. Wrapped up in the way you'd expect given it's a one and done arc. I maybe would have liked some obscurity to the ending, but since this creative team is leaving the book, and the whole idea was this is a dude Nightwing never caught, that wouldn't make sense given the context. I was a little harsh on this arc towards the end, but you know what, it was alright. Nothing amazing, not bad, just sort of was for me.

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  1. I wish DC would just commit to an A list creative team for this book and let them stay on it a bit. I'll forever have my hopes up for a Nightwing and Robin book that for whatever reason DC doesn't seem to want to do.