Wednesday, March 7, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #40

It's weird that they call Judge the Sea Butcher on the cover, when that was some weird little detail that's still not really his name... I don't know, this arc is almost over then a month off (of issues I'm not gonna bother with) and new team incoming.

The Spoilers:

There's honestly not a whole lot to go by… Nightwing uses a octopus to escape, presses Lucy about where the Judge is, finds out, Judge is doing Judge things and giving a casino owner who did some bad shit to rise to power a bomb, leaves, Dick shows up too late as the bomb blows up, seemingly including himself.

The Opinion:

Yeeeeah. I'm "there's a new creative team around the corner" checked out on this one. I'm in to comics for long term story telling, and when we get in a situation like this, I'm just in a "well, this is probably going to get thrown out" vibe. That, and there are attempts to make me care about things that are hardly established… The woman Dick was teaching cross fit to had a name? Who knew… don't really care that he blew her off or that he feels bad about it, then again, from the get go I didn't care about Dick's new job for the 100th time in the past five years. Lucy? Yeah… don't care too much about her either, so the emotion doesn't land for me. Maybe it's a result of the "well, this run is wrapping up anyways" conclusion, but regardless, this arc hasn't made me really care about much outside of I thought the Judge was pretty cool until it just turned into a weird knock off Dr. Hurt situation.

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