Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #977

Across all continuity, Batman always thinks "Hey, maybe Brother Eye is good" and it never is... you'd think someone would learn eventually.

The Spoilers:

As promised, Armstrong shows Tim the vision of the future he was able to recover from future Tim, it shows a world where Tim is off to college and Bruce, despite being warned, reactivating Brother Eye causing the President of the United States to order the Colony (Kate) to take him down, which they do... permenantly.

That's it. Armstrong claims that when he saw this future he realized he was no where in it and doesn't want to fade into obscurity as another one of Tim's rogues, so he wants to do something good and prevent the future from ever happening, it's a nice song and dance that he wants Tim to sit on.

Elsewhere, Kate, Luke, JPV and Tam Fox are all doing Colony business, there's two other dregs who turn down dinner with the crew and go off to their duty, but then their suits get taken over by Brother Eye.

Tim seeks out Bruce who is on patrol and officially buries the hatchet and asks for help for all the stuff Bruce pointed out, after having being pretty shooken up by the vision Armstrong showed him. Bruce suggests the first step is helping him take down some low level thugs, but before they can, the two Brother Eye controlled Colony soldiers storm in and shoot up the place.

The Opinion: 

I'm not usually into "future stories of futures that you know won't happen because they're too radically different and the timeline will never advance that much," but because the stuff in here has so much foundation to be built off of with the long arc James Tynion has been telling, it's been pretty fun so far. Curious to see how it all goes down and if the toys are "put back in the sand box" so to speak. We already know JPV is... well, he's not going to be with the Colony much longer, he'll be in space hanging with Darkseid, but that's a whole different thing. But you got to figure if that's the case, then maybe the Colony thing gets prevented, Brother Eye is dismantled etc. Should be a fun final couple of issues.

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  1. In that future, is Bruce cut off from all the other heroes? Dude is friends with Superman, he’d vouch for him.