Wednesday, March 14, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #976

...I still think the cover of this issue looks like Batman smelled a really bad fart.

The Spoilers:

Cassandra flashes back to a happier time when she and Clayface beat the shit out of some child trafficking Yakuza, as she has a one on one with Leslie Thompkins. It's at this point where Cass expresses that like Basil, she does not believe she is good, but she's trying... but Basil was killed and asks how long until she's killed. On her way out, Leslie confirms what Batgirl hammered home last issue: Yo, Cass is kinda fucked up and no one did anything about it.

Later, Tim and Bruce have a confrontation in the cave, after Bruce confronts Tim with his recreated Knights Program plans, saying he's shutting it down. Obviously, this causes a rift between the two, with Bruce saying he shouldn't have let Tim come back so soon after Oz, and wants him to talk to Leslie as well... Not gonna happen.

Meanwhile, the Colony lead by Batwoman, along with Batwing and Azrael are taking down a Court of Owls plot. Afterwards at base, Kate gives Luke and JPV her pitch that she wants to turn the Colony into a global peace keeping force, Batman can have Gotham. She also wants to use Luke's tech to up the nonlethal options, which some question. Kate says she still agrees with Batman 9 out of 10 times, but there's still that tenth time. All being said, Luke and JPV join up, and there seems to be two old Colony agents who seem like they'll be a problem (see the cover of next issue).

Back in what I believe to be some of the remnants of the Belfry, Tim is THIIIIIS close to an angsty footloose solo dance, until Armstrong steps out of the shadows, temping Tim with a look at his Batman filled future.

The Opinion:

It's unfortunate that while this book seems to be back on one of it's big upswings with crazy shit bound to happen, that you know the storyline is coming to a total end with Tynion and company exiting in May. With the directional shift, I'm really invested in seeing where all the different ends go. I feel a little anxious that Cass isn't going to be dealt with enough, and she seems like the character that may need the most addressing in the post-Clayface world, but we'll see. Javier Fernandez of Nightwing fame jumps on board the art, and like in Nightwing, he draws all these Bat characters really well, Cass especially... I'd like to see him draw more Cass.

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  1. I wish that the original "batman needs a team bc something big is coming" actually paid off in this and the latest JLA. They both spawned out of Rebirth and would have loved some connection. Tec has been amazing but without that central tie in it allows the new creative team to wipe away everything that Tynion has done.
    I also miss Talon. would have been a great member of the team