Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SPOILERS: Dark Nights Metal #6

So, okay... hmm... man, hold on... Um.

There's a fucking lot going on here.

The Spoilers:

Let's just try and hit the big points here... cus boy... stuff happens.

Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl are giving the good fight, while the rest of the League is taken out. In a last ditch effort to call in the League, Wonder Woman clangs her bracelets and Hawkman's mace together, as they're both crazy metal and... I don't know, the League wakes up? Sure, it's a little weird but far bigger things going on. So the fight gets even bigger, especially when Mr. Terrific lets Plastic Man out.

Diana and Kendra sink deep into the world forge to find Batman and Superman, anchored by the lasso of truth. Inside they find Hawkman, who pauses when he hears Kendra's voice. Detective Chimp and the monkeys from Earth-53 arrive with Cyborg, Raven and Flash along with an army of good Batmen, and start to distract Barbatos, as Diana dives as deep as she can go, emerging with Clark and Bruce, all armored in tenth metal.

Batman rides a Joker dragon and because tenth metal is crazy, can will it to whatever form he wants and arms the rest of the league with armor. Meanwhile, Hawkman grows his balls back and attacks Barbatos head on.

Inside a cave deep within the dark, The Batman Who Laughs reveals his prisoner is the Over-Monitor, and he intends to combine the Monitor's power with his and the brain of the anti monitor to basically destroy all existence and leave only darkness. Bruce shows up, without his armor because he's so deep in the dark, and a fight breaks out.

Laughs shoots Bruce with the gun that killed his parents and puts it to his head, savoring the moment to taunt. Bruce says to just fire the damn gun, but sooner than later, Laughs finds a big old "BANG" flag in his back... Bruce wasn't talking to Laughs.

Joker arrives as Bruce's back-up because why the fuck not and as they both team up to take on Laughs, Bruce tells Joker that they are never to speak of this to anyone.

Bruce manages to rescue the Over-Monitor while Joker and Laughs have it out, Kendra manages to fly all the way through Barbatos, and the Monitor helps the League come up with a plan that uses all the metal they've got, and connects them to everyone on earth, as they all have minute particles of element x, what the metal is made of and what has created everything. SO BASICALLY THEY SPIRIT BOMB THE UNIVERSE? I don't know man, its' crazy... but in the process of defeating Barbatos and the Darkness, the Source Wall is shattered.

In the epilogue, Bruce invites the League to the manor to celebrate their victory, but also warns them of what they did and whats to come. The universe has opened up, and there is now so much more they don't know. "Fishbowl poured into the sea" is an idiom used. Lots of teasing, New Age of Heroes stuff, Hawkman will have something to do with Red Tornado and the Metal Men, Dream is missing along with a book in his collection, the Lanterns and Darkstars, Wonder Woman and the Dark Pantheon, Atlantis rising to the surface, Flash War, and the totally not Celestials from No Justice.  Bruce has plans to deal with this, including Martian Manhunter, Kendra and someone else he doesn't get to name into the League (John Stewart? someone else?), but now is the time for celebrating, and there's a big party in the next room, with Jon and Damian rocking out with fucking Alfred on drums. That rules.

Bruce pulls Diana and Clark aside as they tell Bruce they're going to need to change how they operate and rethink everything... Bruce has a plan, in the shape of the Hall of Justice.

The Opinion: 

Surprise, the event series where a bunch of cool shit happens ended with a bunch of cool random shit happening. I don't know if random is the right word, but it was a lot of the typical Snyder crazy science he read about one day then adapted it to some exponentially crazy idea within a comic stuff happening. There was a lot to love on the surface, but some of the more hidden things like how the Joker fight scene mirrors the opening of Snyder and Capullo's very first Batman issue, that was real cool once I figured that out. I do think the transition from the finale to the epilogue was a bit jarring. Barbato's gets impaled, white flash, reset button literally pressed. The book didn't really nail the ending of the action portion... but everything set up in the epilogue made me real excited about the DCU in general, so that completely made up for it.

All in all, it was a crazy series, and I'm really, really looking forward to what comes next.


  1. This turned out to be my favorite event in ages.

  2. The Source Wall going down should be used to explain how Dr Blue Penis arrives on Earth Prime. Whole event would work to explain why Gotham hates Batman in Doomsday Clock too. Sadly I doubt John's will reference Metal.

  3. I loved the Batman and Joker team up but I wish they explain already how the joker became the joker again. It’s really becoming annoying to me.

    1. They may never. The implication in Superheavy was that if Bruce decided to become Batman again, Joker would find a way to become Joker again. Which, if you think about it for too long, is pretty stupid