Wednesday, March 7, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #6

Car chases! Villains! and Nazi WWII experimental freeze weaponry! OH MY!

The Spoilers:

So real quick rundown, cus a lot happens in this issue. Batman is wanted by the GCPD, and Gordon is trying to get Nightwing and Batgirl to give up who he is, but neither will, that said, Dick will help get him arrested, despite Batgirl's protest. Jack wants Batman arrested as Batman, because it's symbolic. A plan with lights and emps is hatched, and the chase begins.

Elsewhere, Batgirl finds Mr. Freeze and asks about all the nazi stuff, turns out Victor is on Bruce's side as he hated his nazi father for various reasons and Thomas was like a surrogate father to him. Victor asks Batgirl to leave as Nora doesn't have much time left and that's that.

So long story short, the plan works, gets Batman out of the car and on foot, where he finds Jack waiting for him. They fight, Jack chokes him out, brings him to Arkahm for safe keeping until the Neo Joker stuff dies down.... SPEAKING OF WHICH. Giant nazi ice cannon aimed and fired at Gotham, with a simple message, "send Joker."

Jack and Harley debate on what to do, Jack seems to not think much of her, but Harley warns him not to under estimate her because she feels that Neo Joker is similar to her... and very capable. Harley suggests maybe they get someone to help who is good at fighting all the bad guys at once, but Batman is a no go for Jack. Nevertheless, Jack is still sort of a dick and still heavily medicating himself.

Speaking of the meds, they seem to stop working as Jack is planning on what to do with the GCPD, because good old Mr. J comes back to the surface, and the entire room point all their guns at him.

The Opinion:

There was a lot going on in this issue in terms of action, yet there still managed to be a good amount of character moments between the car flipping and nazi ice cannon. I particularly liked Harley calling Jack on his shit, pointing out that Neo Joker is just like her, in love, scorned and capable... not to mention, could bring his whole plan down with the knowledge of what he did. Honestly, Harley may be my favorite written character in this series. There's been a lot of talk around the overall line up of books of separating Harley from Joker, but the results haven't actually been super compelling... you've got Suicide Squad which is fine, and then her own book which is real long in the tooth and in it's own slapstick continuity. The way Harley is written here is pretty unique for the character. Still involved with Joker, minus the charade, completely in charge of herself, and possibly the most rational person in the book, minus Batgirl, who hasn't had as much screen time. Really good stuff, all around... now we got Joker back for two issues to wrap things up, before the sequel which seems pretty inevitable the way Murphy has been talking online.

Who wants to bet that Snyder/Murphy Batbook barely happens years from now at best?

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  1. I just have one question: If Bruce had the '89 Batmobile in this continuity, then why in the hell wasn't he driving that instead of the piece of crap he's riding around in?