Wednesday, March 7, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #42

By the end of this issue, I'm basically treating this as a back door pilot to a series I would like to see return and be done really well.

The Spoilers:

Ivy has taken over the world, and everyone thinks it's great, it's all that the news anchors can talk about. It's basically that Rick and Morty episode where Rick hooks up with a hivemind. Well, Bruce and Selina don't think it's great, so they go out for a bite to eat, of course, accompanied by a watchful Superman.

Bruce and Selina's day ends up at some residential house, and as Bruce leans in to whisper something into Selina's ear he doesn't want Ivy to hear, knowing Ivy would use Superman to listen, he whistles a tune that temporarily drops the Man of Steel from the sky. Having tested the Flash's timing in the issue prior, they make quick work of the Flashes that appear shortly after, and enter a home. Bruce seems to be looking for someone, and only finds a lone elderly woman, who obviously is controlled by Ivy, who warns them that Wonder Woman and a Green Lantern are on their way, annnnnnnd

Hard cut to Bruce and Selina strung up from a building, surrounded by Wonder Woman, Jessica Cruz and Superman. Bruce deduced what's going on, the boy he was looking for has a rare allergy to plant food, can't eat it... and he's missing, Ivy is hiding him, meaning the control is in the food. But Bruce keeps taunting Ivy, eventually making her lose her cool and use Superman to punch his face in.

Apparently Bruce died? So says Ivy, as she tells Selina she's brought him back (it's kind of ambiguous). Ivy tells Selina that if she's to be her maid of honor they might as well be friends, and we learn this is a whole redemption story for Ivy who found herself young and weak in the War of Jokes and Riddles, having killed on command. Meanwhile, Bruce wakes up in a hospital bed, unsurprising by what he sees, running down if Ivy needs speed, she uses Flash, strength, Superman, help with someone recovering from a head injury... the person Ivy knows with four PhDs in neurology, and exactly who Bruce was counting on, Harley Quinn.

The Opinion:

Yo get me a (good) Gotham City Sirens book, right now! For real. Catwoman's stock is high, people complain about there not being enough Ivy all the time, and Harley's still big for DC... let's goooooooo... and don't make it disappointing like Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. Pleeeease?

Anyways, other than the oddly realized redemption arc for Ivy, I'm still missing the "why" and if this ties into the longer narrative at play or not... I guess everything happens for a reason, I'm just unsure what that reason is at the moment. That said, I do always enjoy seeing the larger DCU in a Batman book, and seeing the extent of Batman's planning was fun, going all the way back to the Flash stuff last issue. Mikel Janin's art is gorgeous as ever. It's weird, these last two arcs by him have pretty much been set in the day time and are colored accordingly... Colorful Batman, who knew?

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