Friday, March 16, 2018

New Detective Comics Team Announced

Literally as well as figuritively. You see here, Bryan Hill and artist Miguel Mendoca will be taking over the creative duties of Detective Comics, with a new arc called "On the Outside." Joining the book will be Black Lightning, as well as Duke Thomas, who joins series mainstay Cassand Cain... if you haven't figured it out by now, we're loosing the Gotham Knights and seemingly getting the Outsiders in return, which could be cool.

I haven't read pretty much anything by Bryan Hill, but I have seen his name pop up a lot recently, so he seems on the rise. I kind of wish DC sprung for a bigger name artist, as Mendoca's stuff here and there has been fine, but I wouldn't consider it very memorable for my tastes, but who knows... this could be his time to shine.

I don't know! I've never been a huge Outsiders guy, because by the time I got into monthlies, the Outsiders sort of... stopped being a thing. It was around RIP and I remember... was it Dan Didio who took it over and it just sort of fizzled away? That sounds right. Point is, not a whole lot of nostalgia for the team outside of their random apperences throughout the big 90s/00s books I read, but we'll see, Rebirth could change this all for me.

EDIT: Looking at the article, I missed the bit where this says it's for five issues... So another new team in August?

(Source: Den of Geek)


  1. I'd be down for an Outsiders book spinning out of this. With JLA ending and 'Tec (possibly) ditching the team aspect, there's plenty of room for a Batman-led team in the DCU this summer/fall.

    One would guess the next team (taking over at 987) will be pretty big - that's about the right amount of issues to make a big build up to 1000!

  2. I'm glad Detective Comics will be remaining a team book. Help to highlight more of Batman's allies who don't have books of their own.