Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #39

Break time! Back to the past where we learn that... the Judge just got away again... Yeah, I think we already got that, as it's been told to us many times. Ah well.

The Spoilers:

So I mean... Judge has Nightwing tied up in a flooded part of Bludhaven, and the tide is coming in I guess, so death trap. Talk of the past, and as was said in like... interviews for this arc months ago, we learn that Judge got away from Dick when he was in college too.

Same sort of deal, people killing other people, gold coin, talks of a Sea Butcher. It was when Dick stopped being Robin, but wasn't Nightwing, and just sort of on his own on the outs with Kory and all the other Titans... but then he also dresses up as Nightwing to investigate this? I don't know... there's a line about him just putting on some old work out clothes, but he says on one page he wasn't Nightwing yet, then he's Nightwing on the next... I don't knoooooow, seems a bit sloppy. Whatever. Judge got away, we know.

Anyways, time for the Judge's flashback... He's basically cheap Dr. Hurt? He was a colonial judge who was too into being good, so some corrupt aristocrats threw him in the sea but he didn't die and basically became immortal and has been doing his shit ever since... so he says. Also he says that lady, whose name I really couldn't be bothered to learn, also sold Nightwing out to him, thus the trap at the casino. Whoops? And now Judge wants to give Nightwing the same gift he received from the sea, and leaves him to drown.

The Opinion:

So I don't know... giving the full back story on this guy just made me think "Knock off Dr. Hurt without all the weird DCU shit behind him." Sure, there's the aspect of maybe he's an unreliable narrator... but that just means he's either an immortal with all the mysticism and mystery put in the light thus not existing anymore... or just some crazy dude who believes his own shit. Neither of which is really that appealing to me, personally. To be perfectly honest, I'm at a weird point with this book. This arc started off intriguing and as more of it got exposed, the more I just went from hesitantly enthusiastic to "oh..." hopefully this book shapes up, because as of right now, once mini series are complete, I'm covering this book, Batman, and Detective... soooooo not a whole lot left that I feel is good enough to take note of on the site. Who knows... maybe when May solicits come out, something will be up, as April just seems to be inventory issues (I'm writing this Tuesday morning, so I've yet to see, and I probably won't care enough to go back and change this once we learn what's up in May).

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