Wednesday, February 14, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #974

The old comic book saying is ain't no body dead until you see a body... well in this case, the body is everywhere.

The Spoilers:

Yo, Clayface is pretty fucking dead.

And Batman isn't happy, nor is Tim, nor is Cass. All of them confront Batwoman, and she holds her ground, and then is backed up by Batwing and Azrael who believe she made the right call. Batman dismisses them all and benches Kate from active duty.

In Arkham, Dr. October gives Mudface the cure, telling her that regardless of what happened, Basil wanted her to have it, then continues that despite her having every right to be angry at Basil, she and the Victim Syndicate took a repentant man and drove him to his death, and that's a dick move.

Stephanie leaves Tim, because of the whole lying thing and she can see he's never getting out of the life they had planned to leave. Batman's just sort of like "well..." when Tim starts losing it a bit.

Elsewhere, benched in her own base, Kate's father sees himself in, tells her she made the right call, and slaps the Colony symbol on her suit, where Cass had ripped the bat symbol off previously, then asks if she's ready for the real fight.

Also, Ulysses Armstrong has access to the timeline future Tim came from and Brother Eye, so that's bad.

The Opinion:

I'll just get this out of the way, I'm not a fan of Briones' art, and for such a big arc of this title, having a hodgepodge art team amounting to "whoever" really took away from it, in my opinion. Nevertheless... lot's of post-big thing happening set up, but if rumors are true with Tynion potentially moving on to the Justice League titles, we'll see if this lasts, or if Tec sort of gets rebooted. I think we missed an opportunity not visiting all the characters in the aftermath, mainly Cass, given she had such a big tie with Clayface, and I'm definitely going to miss that relationship. Steph on the other hand? Man, if there's one negative thing this book has done, it's made me completely give up on her. 

Hey! She's back in continuity! Ehhh, that story is alright... okay well now she's gone again for a bit... REBIRTH! Oh now she's sanctimonious and annoying... now she's gone.

I'm in full fucking whatever mode with her right now. With her seemingly taking another break, Harper Row lost in god knows where... I feel like all of this doesn't bode well for Duke Thomas.

All that being said, I'm curious to see where this goes in the larger sense... I'm not exactly looking forward to hero vs. hero stuff that it feels like things are inevitably headed towards... it's just the stuff with the future timeline, Brother Eye and all that, which is what has piqued my interest. 


  1. I think we will be going to a BAT CIVIL WAR!! And I don't like it...

    1. I don't think so, actually. If they were going to all fight each other, they'd have done it here, when tempers were hottest.

  2. Kate's father needs to be in Arkham. Screw that guy.

    1. Why? He's not insane, and he's arguably not even done anything illegal.

  3. These types of stories always frustrate me. Batman, Red Robin etc give Batwoman the condescending "you should have found another way" speech without actually identifying another way, *even with the benefit of hindsight.* They've got zero suggestions, just "not that".

    The philosophical split between them would be more compelling if they were debating the relative merits of an alternative course of action. As the story is set up, though, Batwoman's choices were kill Clayface or let him run amok and kill more people - either choice is an attempt by her to save lives.