Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #5

Batman sure isn't happy when he doesn't get his way, that's what I've learned from this series.

The Spoilers:

Things aren't going well with Bruce, Jack is getting politically stronger each day, and he finally has a falling out with Dick over the GTO stuff. He finds Harley to make a last ditch appeal to her, in the same vein as the situation with Jason, but she holds strong and insists Jack isn't a villain anymore, which just frustrates Bruce every more. After he leaves, Jack reveals he had been watching as Harley tells him that they're more alike than they know.

Meanwhile, Neo Joker is working with Hatter to get more dirt on the Wayne-Fries nazi connection, and end up breaking into the manor. With the help of Ivy, they're able to find a secret room that not even Bruce knew about, along with the information they're looking for. It's at this point, Bruce appears as himself and plays helpless playboy to scare them off. The GTO shows up to drive them away on a chase, of which Dick tells Bruce to stay out of.

Buuuuuut he doesn't. Bruce gets in the batmobile and drives through Gotham with reckless abandon, in an attempt to find out why Neo Joker was in his home and what she took. He manages to catch up to her and grab the photos, but also he brings down an entire bridge within the city, which causes Gordon to finally be fed up enough, putting out an APB for Batman's arrest, declaring him a super villain. 

Wounded, Batman returns to Freeze's Wayne Tech lab, demanding answers, and Freeze seems to know it's Bruce. Elsewhere, Neo Joker and Hatter find what looks to be a giant nazi freeze gun or something held within the caves beneath the city.

The Opinion: 

Two things I love. First, Harley being the sane one that Batman can talk to. There's been hints of that throughout the animated series which this series takes a lot of influence from, but nevertheless, her being the sanest one on block is a great dynamic. Second, I love the way that Batman and Joker's relationship has slowly shifted in opposite of each other. Bruce has slowly become the more insane and unhinged obsessor over his rival, the same way Joker was towards him. Very clever dynamic.

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