Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman and the Signal #2

More metas more problems, am I right?

The Spoilers:

Duke's got his hands full with all the meta human kids in Arkham Jr. and things aren't going well, as they all seem to feed off of Duke's powers. The cops show up and break up the fight, and it's at this point we see that the kids are being controlled by a character off screen. I swear to god there was a Newsarama interview where the character was refereed to by name... and it was like... Gomnon? or something? But I can't seem to find it... point is, he's never referred to by name in here. He's in some tower elsewhere, claiming to himself to have watched Duke for years on end and guided his life, and he has pictures of what seem to be a family all around him, once of which may be Duke? Hard to tell.

Long story short, with Duke doing some investigation by day, he and the one armed cop discover that there's some traces of Nth Metal or something like it in all these deceased metas that have been turning up, and that they're being amplified by the new solar structure in the Narrows, which was built by Bruce Wayne.

So naturally, Duke has the paranoid thought that Batman has been guiding his life towards all of this and goes to confront him about it, turns out he's wrong, because Gomnon hacks the Batcomputers to make his debut, and taunt Duke, having unleashed a wave of metahumans in the narrows.

The Opinion:

This book definitely has my attention given how different it is, but it's hard to put a finger on where it's going, especially given the fact that the next issue is the final issue. Three issues is a weird set... The book has barely begun (and suffered delays) and now it's almost over, without any real indication of where if at all Duke's story will be continued. Nevertheless, it is holding my attention because it's just weird in terms of Gotham. It's completely different and I can appreciate that. 

All that being said, there are some odd points in the writing that sort of took me out of it. There's one point where the cop lady straight up says "You fight like the Batman but you're not wearing a Robin costume--so it's obvious to me that he's trying something new." And it's just such a flat out literal observation, it felt like she was giving the elevator pitch of the series in the middle of the dialogue. Then there's the part where when Duke gets back from his first day, Izzy and Riko are arguing over how he did and Riko basically flips out telling him that he's trying to be some ideal superhero to change the world and save his parents but that's not how it works and he's going to get screwed, then walk out... and I'm just like "Why is this happening?  He got in a fight the first day? No one has earned this drama." I mean, Tony Patrick is pretty new to this, so growing pains I guess, but in some respects, I can get that maybe we're trying to pack a lot into three issues.

Negatives aside, curious to see how this one wraps up.

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  1. I was hoping the guy in the shadows was The Riddler. I don't know who this new guy is. Guess we'll find out.