Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #41

Welcome to the "I know who Batman is" club, Poison Ivy, enjoy your stay until either the universe is rebooted or no one ever acknowledges the fact and logic behind her having this knowledge.

The Spoilers:

Hey now! Batman is all half naked and trying to sleep, but he starts having dreams of Ivy... as does everyone else in the world, but we'll get to that. Batman being Batman, gets up, and half nakedly punches his elderly butler in the face, and I find that to be hilarious. But of course, this is all because Bruce knows something is up and rushes to the Batcave to try and counter act whatever is happening. Selina soon finds him, asks what's wrong, but quickly turns on him. Bruce is able to dose both Selina and himself before finally passing out, as we see that the whole world is now in love with Ivy, aka under her control.

Bruce and Selina later wake up in their bed (fully costumed minus their masks... never explained, but okay) to find Ivy speaking to them through Alfred... Bruce's first reaction is to fucking try and punch Alfred again... I swear, it's like Archer... but before he can do so, Ivy demonstrates just how far reaching her control is, and just like that, Barry Allen takes the punch. So yeah, Ivy's got control of the world, outside of Batman and Catwoman... but 2 out of 7.6 billion or whatever, ain't bad. So, while Ivy wants to fix the world by controlling everyone, she simply says it's a shame they won't be part of the solution, but they are not a concern to her.

And with that, Ivy (Alfred) leaves the couple in a complete state of confusion as to how they're supposed to make a next move.

The Opinion:

First off, just give me Mikel Janin and Stjepan Sejic drawing beautiful red heads all day. Getting Janin on this arc for Poison Ivy absolutely had to be on purpose, and it's appreciated. With the increased rotation of artists on this book (where'd Finch go?) and Janin drawing something No Justice related, I really hope we don't lose him to another title. I love how he draws every character in this book, and on top of that, how he draws the bat cowl... I'd say he's the best at doing that little detail at the moment.

As for the story... here's the problem I usually have with Tom King arcs, while I usually end up in the "I really enjoyed this" to "I fucking loved this" range, on Batman specially, they can really hit the ground running with very little context as to what or why, which end up making the individual first issue of arcs seem a little shallow and at times random. So with everything that's been going on in this book, all the sudden it's basically "...well anyways, here's Wonder Wall" and now we're dealing with Ivy taking over the world. Does this have anything to do with something else that has happened or is this it's own thing? If so, why is it happening now? There are just a lot of questions left with these issues, and they're more along the lines of structural issues, rather than plot. Plot, yeah fine, Poison Ivy takes over the world by controlling everyone's mind, cool... I've got no problems or questions with that, it's just the bigger picture is what I fail to see, if it's even intended to be there... I don't know! It's almost as if they should have just released issue #42 as well.

All that being said, I have no doubt in my mind by the time the story is over I will have enjoyed it, because that is what has happened with many other stories in this book. I start with a "wait, what?" and then at the end go "oh, that was cool."


  1. David Finch, Mikel Janin, Clay Mann, Mitch Gerads, Lee Weeks, Joelle Jones, Tony Daniels, this book has consistently had good art! Even the fillers have great art. This is the best comic at DC. Ps I love Ivy

  2. The artwork is definitely carrying this issue, but I am interesting in seeing where it goes.

    Using Flash as a shield was pretty clever. Though maybe she should be a bit more creative next time with a speedster.

  3. I didn't read this ish, an I'm behind on "Super Friends". Mainly due to the fact that there is [so much other] good looking stuff on newsstands. Including multiple "other Bat-books".. So many that I feel it helps in almost selling DC's almighty Flagship A bit short!
    Cause there's no reason "METAL" or R.Murphy's "White Knight" couldn't have been in the Flagship, outside of them not being written by King of course. Moench & Morrison's Beautiful run, both had scribe fill-in work.

    Which leads me to point. Most of King's Batman stories fall/feel very flat at times. Like #800/33?, WtF was that!? Unforgettable as it was UNACCEPTABLE.. Its Almost like after "War of Jokes & Riddles" (an even parts of that) King's running our fav. Flagship- lap after lap on Empty. In which having; say even Kurt Busiek's current Batman mini-series take over for 6,7, or maybe 8 ishs, would help to put King's output into A stronger conclusive order. & thus strengthen the book.
    As well as steady/ground the right artist. Like you said "What happened to Finch?" THE BOOK NEEDS FINCH BACK!
    His 2 Stories Were the Best of King's Batman "Rebirth", hands down!